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Three Hidden Lake

Hidden lake in secluded on known risks. Tandi under the pass from the top of the cliff, there are 216 stone steps, shaped like a ladder. Tandi frame with a stone bridge. Waterfall poured through the cliff, about 40 meters, water lines were shaped, buzzing noise issue. Tan Bian exposure to the bridge, fog, foam splash clothing, cold lump pressing. Tan Bian on the hidden waterfalls, there is a Dragon King Temple, covering about 160 square meters. Dragon King temple dedicated to the three, the ... View Detail

Rock Falls Xu mallard

Xu mallard rock waterfall feature is rock, which is like a monkey on the day of bow, known locally as "monkey Ju Rock." Ju Rock the Monkey as the center, extending to the sides of cliffs hundreds of meters, and its shape, such as sliced Fuzao, verdant cliffs, Qing-Song Fang, Zashu clusters. Yan Xu teal water from the "hesitation Valley", brought together in the "straight Ao village", the water flow through bridge opening. Over sand valley, soaring from, Zhixie cliff. When the water wafting ... View Detail

Myoko Taiwan

Myoko Taiwan Chiang Kai-shek in the back of the building is a private villa built in 1927. Seen the rise of the second floor hanging between black and white of the "wonderful high-profile" horizontal tablet, the Department of Chiang Kai-shek personally wrote. The whole villa is divided into two-story, cottage down a total of six, fused with the Western platform, with a total construction area of 436 square meters. Into the gate, the first floor of the middle of a courtyard, each one on both ... View Detail

A little Rock Falls

That year, Chiang Kai-shek back Xikou, as long as the sedan chair to the wonderful high-sojourn. After a little knowledge is rock, must Alighting viewing. He also often painted with Meiling with Waterfall poetry. Qian Zhang Yan dynasty to stop a lot of celebrities, pleasing, leaving a good story Chapter words, spread folk "" story out of here. Yu Shu hundred paces from the Pavilion by the band from the east to the waterfall will be able to hear the muffled thunder sound, as if coming from a ... View Detail

Xikou drift

Since the Yan River on the first nine years to Xikou quiet water, Su said, "Yan River golden waterway" of nature in this show, "Three Pools Mirroring the nine Bay Beach eighteen," the scenery along the way not only colorful and white peach, Zhuhai, Wei Tang and other tranquil eastern Zhejiang beautiful countryside scenery, more nine public Tong, Zhang Diaoyutai, Wei Qi tomb, Kameyama, shooting "surprise" Mountain Bridge, and many Tibetan cultural landscape. Visitors can feel rushed down the ... View Detail

Rhododendron Valley

There are currently Rhododendron Valley attractions: first, the cuckoo Liz. Rhododendron Valley is located in the central area of over thirty thousand lines in the valley until rare rhododendrons, they cuddle Tsui stacked red, purple, red Jiao Mei, Spring Open, Azalea Valley also hence the name. Second, the tea Chun-bo. Located in the upper south Jianping Kong, tea lush, rolling, like a green wave waves. Every spring and summer, full wave leaves for visitors picking frying, Xikou tasting tea - ... View Detail

Yantou village rafting (class river rafting)

River rafting is the kayak drift, two per boat. Rafting on the way, sometimes waterfalls, a thousand feet diarrhea, will you about 70 meters from the drop down rapids slide, challenge the new drift height, is the financial thrilling, exciting, ancient, natural in one of the rafting. Tip: river rafting river class large gap will be wet, before departure to be replaced with a set of clothes and slippers, girls should do the sunscreen (preferably wear long sleeves drift.) Drift before cell ... View Detail

Fenggao room

Name Origin: The past, according to local custom, each family has a room name, Chiang Kai-shek father';s house called "Housing Week" in the genealogy of Chiang Kai-shek is a "week" Generation name, Chiang Kai-shek and the Western Zhou Dynasty emperors thus pushing the abundance of capital Yi, Gao Jing as their own room number, I hope his family can be the same as the prosperity of the Western Zhou Dynasty, the name of Fenggao room so set down, while Chiang Kai-shek based on room name to ... View Detail