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Dinghu Peak

Dinghu Peak is the core scenic spot in Xiandu. It is like a bamboo shoot, towering into the sky. It is 170.8 meters high, with a flat at the top of the peak, which is 710 square meters. The Dinghu Peak is regarded as the No. 1 Peak and No. 1 Bamboo Shoot in China. There are pools among the forests, which are never dry all year round. It is said that the peak is the place where Yellow Emperor became an immortal. The best place for tourists to appreciate the scenery of Dinghu Peak is Yangzhi ... View Detail

Recessed head Zhaibei

Caotouzhaibei is located in the western of Caotou Village, Dayang Scenic Area, is 7km away from Dayang Reservoir. Its elevation is 891m and is named after its terrain that looks like a water channel.Arround Zhaibei, there are cliff that only a way can pass on one's side. But when you get to the Zhaibei, you will see a wide flat of about 400 square meters. There is a Lingxiao Stone looking like Pantuo Stone of Putuo Mountain. As the center, here is east to Cao Peak, and it is one of the ... View Detail

Ocean Hill area

Dayang Mountain is in the Dayang Town which is in the southeastern of Jinyun County. It is one of four scenic spots in Xiandu Scenic Area. The mountain is magnificent and its elevation is 1500.6m, and it is the first peak of the southeast coastal area. It is beautiful landscape and soft climate. The sun is shining fiercely in flat are, but Dayang Mountain is soft and cool in the high temperature season. The average temperature is only 24.5 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature is no more than ... View Detail

Small Red Cliffs

In the east of Nyong hole, when you cross over a brook, you can see a steep cliff, with miles long. The bottom of the rock is red ochre. It seems that it has been burnt by fireworks. So it is called small Chibi. There is a natural road of hundreds of meters long in the cliff. It is called LongGeng road, or the White Snake Road. Legend has it that Han Guangwu emperor Liu Xiu Long was in a danger, and suddenly, a dragon with a shiny light, flashed rapidly between rocks to make a way for him and to ... View Detail

Ocean Reservoir

Dayang Reservoir is located in the gorge which is 35km away from the southeastern of Jinyun County. It was built in the beginning of the seventy's. Its elevation is 850m, the length is 180m and the depth is 46m. The dam is blue waves and boundless, glanced around the mountain and peaks that formed a forest sea. The reservoir is used the natural downstream of 660m to make power. View Detail

Hibiscus Gap (Tiecheng)

Starting from Dinghu peaks, if we walk along the river up about 34 kilometers, and across the river, we will come to this gorge. The both sides of cliffs are dark, and the whole body of the cliff is like a castle constructed with irons. Go inside the gorge, the higher cliff, the more narrow valleys. The narrowest point allows only one person to pass through, so it is called Tiemen gorge. In the movie "Ashima," A Hei discharges an arrow from a bow here. Inside, it is very beautiful. It ... View Detail

Step virtual mountain

Buxu Mountain is loacted in the Dinghu Peak Scenic Area, is the back mountain of Dinghu Peak and it is the main mountain in Xiandu Scenic Area. Its elevation is 364m. The western was in one with Dinghu Peak originally and formed in the late Bai Eshi. But later it was scoured by running water and the weathering, it was formed all sizes of stone pillar.Walking on the road from the foot of the mountain, the main scenic spots you will see are including Xianshui Cave, Pianyun Pavilion, Lingxu Cave, ... View Detail

Ling Xu-dong

There is magical place among the cliffs of Buxu Pavilion. It overlooks like ant nest and closer looks like eggs nest. Some diameter is one lnch closer and some is two or three feet. Among all sizes of these stone eggs, all kinds of holes are formed.The geologists think that Buxu Mountain is a small volcanic vent originally. Before erupition ending, the gate of the hole is sealed up by the magma. When stop erupiting and cooling, all sizes of lava balls, globe and lithophysa are formed.Because of ... View Detail

Small Penglai

Under the pools of the little red cliff, there are many strange stone, far and near, strewn at random, come loose and not random. In the deep pools are consisted of empty holes and the water that are light or dark or in, or wide or narrow, big or small, or points or even. If white water rafting and into, this stream has islands. It is island in lake, and the scene with the boat to move, such as in penglai, so it is called small penglai by Lou Yue, the litterateur of Song Dynasty.Lou Yue (1137 - ... View Detail


In the east of the county, about three thousand kilometers, there is a beautiful scenic spot of Xiandu-Gufu Rock. Gu Rock is lower, facing the north. It looks like an old woman. And the Fu Rock facing the Gu Rock, looks like a beautiful young woman. In the other side of the river, there are two rocks called "Xianshi Rock". View Detail