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Xi'an Botanical Garden was established in 1959, one of 12 earliest botanical gardens established by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Its primary tasks are basic investigation of plant applications, plant introduction and domestication, preservation of germplasm, and popularizing botanical knowledge. Our garden is in Xi'an, at the centre of China, 34°13' N, 108°58' E, at an elevation of 434-442 m (1424-1450 ft), in a warm-temperate continental monsoon climate. Annual average temperature is 13.4 C (56 F), January average temperature 0.5 C (33 F), June average temperature 26.7 C (80 F), absolute maximum temperature 41.7 C (107 F), absolute minimum temperature -20.6 C (-5.1 F), annual average frostless season 208 days, annual average precipitation 598 mm (23.5 in), annual average sunshine hours 2065.6.

Xi' an Botanical Garden has eight ex-situ conservation areas namely: Medical plants, aquatic plants, ornamental Plants, oil-bearing plants, aromatic plants, Orchids, Magnolias, Laurels, and Gymnosperms. The Magnolia Garden and Tulip Garden should be considered a visiting must because of its aromatic atmosphere and its succulent flowers.  In addition to Japanese style garden - Cuihua Garden, the park also has two greenhouses of tropical and subtropical plants (2000 square meters).