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Drake River Chun Pan

The Drake River means the waters at the confluence of two rivers, namely, Guijiang River, Xunjiang River (upstream of West River), where the clear Guijiang water mingles with the turbid main stream, and suggests the harmonious conjunction of the dark and the light, female and male elements demonstrated so happily by the duck and the drake. Yuan Jiang Chun Fan (or beautiful Drake River in spring) has been listed in the first place on Wuzhou's Great Eight Attractions since the Ming Dynasty.The ... View Detail

Department of Long Island

Jilong Island is located in the center of Xijiang River which is 3.5km from the eastern city of Wuzhou. It is surrounded by water. It is full of grass and green trees on the island. Overlook the mountains, they show tall and straight. Wuzhou mountain city, the ring around the water, shows a group of austral scenery and is good to hear or see. When it is spring and summer, the flood is routing heavily. The best time to travel to Jilong Island are four season. Because you will see the different ... View Detail

Crane Hill

White Crane Mountain, also called Feihe Hummock, is located at the confluence of the Xun River and Gui River. From ancient times to the present, the mountain is a famous attractions in Wuzhou City in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. In the morning, the White Crane Mountain is like a fairy in the mist. While in the afternoon, the inverted image of the mountain on the Gui River is like a beauty dressing and making up.In 1897, during the reign of Emperor Guangxu in Qing Dynasty, when Wuzhou was ... View Detail

Tea Lake

Tea Lake is the reservoir of Tea Hill that is 4 km from the northern of the county. It is the fresh scenic spot. The reservoir was built in 1975. The height of dam was 62m and the length is 200m. The overrall length of the reservoir is 14km. When visitors go sightseeing, they will feel the aesthetics of nature. View Detail

Village Road

Daojia Village is beside Beiliu River Xiangqi Town which is located in the southern of Teng County, Guangxi. It is 61km from the county and 120km from Wuzhou City. Daojia Village is the post house of waterwaty in the old time. The sceneic spots which is formed by Danxia landform, are the wonderful place of Danxia landform and water. There are many scenic spots, like ancient wharf, banian, ancient stage, four winsdons, stone mountain, fuchuan island, sents stone, wangjiang pavilion and so on. View Detail

Xi Yan volcano

In the south of the market of Wuzhou, separate Xun river (west river) Tower. The strongly fragrant spring onions in four seasons around, because there is " bury swords and spit awn candle Chinese at night, hide the pearl and float and reflect the brightness mountain in night " And gain the name.King of the end South Vietnam Lun Zhao Qin hide sword on mountain this, rise all at night according to legend, every Third Five-Year Plan Period see first day, one breaks out a fire for the ... View Detail