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Huanggang Shan originated in the south of Wuyishan Nature Reserve, a total length of 62.8 kilometers, into the scenic river section of the river than by the role of natural bent, but also by the direction control multiple rock fracture, the formation of deep bend, 9.5 km-long river that , straight-line distance is only 5 km, song rate was 1.9. By the star into the Wuyi Mountain Village, off to nine, to the Wuyi Palace Meeting in worship before the river, coiled mountain about 7.5 km, water ... View Detail

Hu Xiaoyan

South of the river in two, 510 meters above sea level, the rock walls standing up there, the shape of tigers, there are giant holes, the mountain wind whistled through the voice will be issued, hence the name. Hu Xiaoyan steep volley, and Tanzanite both, nirvana is one of a handful of Wuyi Mountain. Jiuquxi two south of the river from the "border station" next to, over bridges, through fields ridge, turning a small ridge, you can reach under Hu Xiaoyan. Rock engraved with "Tiger Creek Ling ... View Detail