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Cambra Forest Park

Cambra 2100-4000 meters above sea level forest park, covering about 4,774 hectares, north of the Yellow River, close to the famous Lijiaxia. Cambra Danxia Forest Park to the peculiar landscape, a long religious and cultural, multi-mining landscape and the rippling of plants Lijiaxia known reservoir. Danxia strange landscape: landform Cambra to Qi, Fang Shan, caves, cliffs, its main geomorphological features. Such as large-scale columnar mountain, tower, castle, steep vertical, magnificent, ... View Detail

Mak Sau National Forest Park

Mak Sau National Forest Park is a natural scenic forests. Long service from the county town to the road will pass through Zeku Forest Park, you can see the beautiful coniferous forest. Pinnacle peaks of the region, vast woodlands, is a quiet summer resort. Near the forest in the wheat show music library colleagues built almost hot spring hotel, spring temperature is kept at 30 degrees Celsius, containing a variety of minerals, is a bath, an ideal place for recuperation and rest. National ... View Detail

Animaqing Snow

Animaqing or snow, also known as Ma Qing Majixueshan Kong, located in Machen County, Golog northwest of the state. Animaqing Mountain is the largest source of the Yellow Mountain, about 28 kilometers wide and 10 km. Yellow snow in the mountains, Mary had a 180 after the east Nanliu go fed up with pagodas, Ma Qing Kangri peak 6282 meters above sea level, is fed up with pagodas Central. Animaqing large Tibetan Living Buddha throne instruments and Italy as the highest waiter, was the Tibetan ... View Detail

Huangnan National Museum

Huangnan National Museum was founded in 1979, was called "Huangnan Regong Gallery." Investment of more than 200 million after the state built the first and only one with strong national characteristics and color of the Museum of Art building, mainly for the works on display, the collection research and art exchanges. National Museum offers nine exhibition halls: Heritage Hall, Thangka hall, sculpture hall, sand painting hall, Duixiu Hall, Man Tang Hall, Folk Hall and so on. Display categories ... View Detail

Angla Thousand house

Angla Thousand house formerly lived in Thousand Jianzha area Angla the house. According to historical records, Angla one thousand red hot bar is Tufan dynasty, the descendants of Caine, in order to secure the border and taxation, 492 AD, red hot bar of Tufan dynasty Jian minister (translation of tax collectors) Gong Ye Xi Dajie to the region living life, as both sides of the headman Jianzha. Qing Emperor Qianlong in 1657 AD, between one of his descendants labeled Angla Thousand Zuduo Jie. ... View Detail

And at Temple

And at Temple, also known as "cut more Temple," Temple Seoul cut more, "Tibetan" and at Wagon is Zhaxi Lin, "meaning" and the date by Jixiang Zhou wonderful. "Nyingma monastery to monastery, early Temple for the accountant. Temple Great Mosque houses the originator of Tibetan Buddhism, the statue of Guru Padmasambhava. sihou more than three thousand five hundred meters above sea level on the slopes, there are known as the world, "Dan Shuqi view" of the stone by the wall. Stone by the wall in ... View Detail

Guo Ma at Temple

Tibetan Temple stands at Guo Ma, "Guo Ma Lin at Gar Karma Phuntsok Dan", meaning "day of a happy successful Guo Ma Chau." The monastery has a large hall, Maitreya Hall and other buildings. Guo Ma date when Temple is famous round tower, is the largest pagoda Amdo. When the color is very bright round tower, especially the many domed tower painted with bright paint, bordered by a large distance, like a gem. Wheel tower when the abbot of the monastery in 1994, presided over by the design, high ... View Detail

Raja Temple

Raja Temple is located in the north of the Yellow River in Qinghai Machen County town north of the LAC group Gongshan Ani, the blocks east to west, facing the Yellow River, before 1986 the Yellow River Bridge can be built through the West Bank. This is located in the valley, low altitude, humid climate, fertile land, mostly along the coast, natural scenery charming. Raja Temple, also known as "Chia-like temple," is the most famous Gelugpa monastery along the Yellow River. "LAC", Department of ... View Detail

Longwu Temple

Tibetan "Falun Seoul Longwu Big Island", the monastery early as the Sakya Monastery of Tibetan Buddhism. As early as the Yuan Dade five years (1310) where a small temple has been built. But the real scale of the formation of monasteries in the early Ming, founder of a three-Dan Rinchen. Samten Rinchen Saji Da one hundred local support, the formal completion of Longwu Temple. Rogersville Sengge which is a famous Buddhist scholar, respected by the Ming Xuan Dedi, has been called "Hong Xiu ... View Detail

The Temple of Wutun

Tibetan Temple Wutun on the "Sanger group felt hung Lin Dan of China", which means auspicious method Choi Island, is a subsidiary of Temple Longwu Temple. Founded in the year 1645, the temple treasure Buddha hair relic of law were the master and a variety of statues, Thangkas and other artifacts. Monastery in the "hot tribute art" the birthplace of most monks are good at painting, clay sculpture, carving, and that is where the old artists eager apprentices, it is called "hot tribute art school ... View Detail