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Qinghe Resort

Tourist Resort is located in Qinghe Tieling Qinghe District territory from Tieling City location 40 kilometers away from Beijing-Harbin railway station to open the original 9 km away from Shenyang Expressway to open the original entrance Kazakhstan, 10 km and convenient transportation, beautiful environment. Qinghe Resort in Qinghe Reservoir as the basis, yard, beautiful scenery, undulating hill and the hill tracts of pine is very beautiful. Liaoning Qinghe Reservoir is the third largest ... View Detail

Hazelnut Ridge Reservoir

Hazelnut Ridge Reservoir Road from Tieling city about 50 kilometers north, South Road, about 60 km. Neisen Lin scenic lush, fresh air, mountain Jun rolling, the "Valley Maple Pool" reputation, is climbing, swimming, boating, fishing, an ideal place for recuperation. Hazelnut Ridge reservoir area has a hotel, restaurants, cruise terminal and other facilities. "Al-Quds drifting" project from the end of Zhenziling Reservoir dam down to the secondary reservoir Zhenziling power stations, the whole ... View Detail


Longshoushan located 1 km east of Tieling is Tieling famous scenic spot. Mercedes-Benz because it came from the southeast to the shore suddenly lifted Chaihe, like the dragon';s head, hence the name Longshoushan. May each year, hills, valleys full of colorful roses, intoxicating fragrance wind. Here the spring beauty, autumn is more elegant. Cool autumn wind red maple Manshan in layers of thick trees, visitors constantly. "Dragon first to find Autumn" is one of the eight Chaihe. Tsz Ching ... View Detail

Lizi Hill

Lizi Hill is located in Fushun City, Liaoning Province, Qingyuan Kaiyuan and the junction of the main peak of 878.4 meters, the highest peak in northern Liaoning Province, is the municipal level scenic spots. Lizi wins breathtaking mountain peaks rocks. Yamaguchi altitude of 296 meters west of the district land stony cliffs into the sky, stand like a wall face, such as the outer flying, people feel magnificent. Venue and the mountains, North Crest rocks more strange shape. Rise steeply winding ... View Detail

Ivory Hill

Ivory Songshan Mountain in the town to open the original British Chengzihe Village, an area of 99 square kilometers, the Changbai Mountain Ridge Mountains Hatta, the main peak of 615.2 meters high. Ivory volcanic mountain in northern Liaoning unique geological park. Jin said in the Songshan mountains, Yiming "sunny hill", due to sound turned ivory mountain. The mountain due to geological processes millions of years, forming a large number of strange landscape. Here the steep rock peaks and ... View Detail

Chongshou Temple

Chongshou Temple, located in the southwest corner to open the original Old Town, also known as Chongshou Temple tower. Brick structure, high 13, a solid octahedron. Buddha figurines with each and every aspect of Buddha is different. Flying relief on both sides, each corner with wooden eaves, hanging bells. Was conical spire, a copper ball 5 string on it. The towers are linked to hundreds of layers of bronze mirrors, bronze drums hanging west side. Every sunrise, the sun and towers shine, shine, ... View Detail

Tsz Ching Temple

Tsz Ching Temple is located in Tieling Longshoushan the top of North Peak, formerly known as Xiufeng Temple, the water flows Temple, also known as clear view of the three, is now the Liaoning provincial units. An ancient temple courtyard off the city, with the main hall, side hall thing, scripture library, tippler floor. There are a half before the compound wall, places the cloud two Beiting. Miankuo three main hall, deep into two, under the eaves with gallery, painted with brightly colored ... View Detail

Open the original Old Town

Open the original old town is a long history, experienced many vicissitudes of the city pool. Now that faintly discernible ruins, towering pagodas, and ancient bell tower, and that faint narrow lanes, and both reveal the charm of this ancient city. Since the Qin and Han dynasties, all the generations in the open towards the Old City are equipped with the original high-level administrative bodies. The late Ming Dynasty, Manchuria growing strong, in order to enhance defense capabilities, a built ... View Detail

Silver Gun Academy

Silver Kang College, located in the south gate of the ancient city of former right hand of Tieling today among the prosperous silver Gang district, is a simple and quiet garden-style buildings of Qing Dynasty. Junji was built fifteen years before (1658), the founder of the Qing Dynasty in Exile Tieling Hao bath. Northeast Bank Gang College is the only surviving ancient College, the College is one of the five famous Qing Dynasty, the first for the Kanto College, history of education in the ... View Detail

Tieling Museum

Tieling Museum is located in the urban center of the ancient city of South Gate in the Ming Wei Tieling miles east of the country-level investment in the construction of the Local Taxation Local Chronicles class comprehensive museum. The main building is three and a half basement floor Exhibition Hall, Exhibition Hall features four exhibition halls. 5,000 pieces of existing museum collections to the local cultural relics unearthed in northern Liaoning-based, many of them treasures. Shang and ... View Detail