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Haihe Bund Park

Haihe Bund Park is located in the Tanggu District, or the new area of Tianjin Binhai. Laid out by world-class designers, it features a modern city landscape and entertainment area. Adjacent to the pedestrian street of Jiefang Road to the north and facing to Haihe River to the south, the park is a great place of recreation.Walk along the east bank to the Bei'an Bridge, you will get to the Youth Garden, full of vernal freshness. What comes to your eyes first will be a huge silvery gray ... View Detail

Water Park

The Tianjin Water Park is the largest urban park and recreation area in Tianjin, China. The park was formally established in 1951, covering an area of 126.71 hectares. The park is one of Tianjin's leading tourist attractions, which was officially acknowledged when it was listed in the National Tourism Administration 4A Level List of Scenic Sites in 2004. The facility is not actually a 'waterpark', and another name for the park is Shuishang Leyuan Amusement Park.At Water Park Road in ... View Detail

Tianjin Zoo

The Tianjin Zoo is located in Nankai District, Tianjin, China, as the south-most part of the Water Park complex. It covers an area of 53.77 hectares (132.9 acres), which includes about 10.68 hectares (26.4 acres) of lakes. Construction began in 1975 and it was opened to the public on January 1st, 1980. It houses approximately 3,000 animals of 200 species.The zoo is divided into separate habitats for: monkeys/apes, bears, lions, pandas, songbirds, elephants, hippos/rhinos and amphibians.Inside ... View Detail

Bohai Soong Ching Ling Children';s World

Bohai Soong Ching Ling Children's World is located on the left side of Chuanzha Road New Port Tanggu District. It is built in 1988 and sponsored by Song Ching Ling Foundation). Here is beautiful landscape, chic building, and is a large amusement place for seeking knowledge, entertainment, living.In the park, there is divided into indoor and outdoor for the entertainment, including Wisdom Palace, Underwater Adventure, Entertainment Room and so on. There are two museums of history and natural ... View Detail

Ear Gate Park

Er'zha Park is located in the junction of Xinkai River and Ziya River in Hebei District Tianjin. It is one of the important landscape in the upstream of the rivers. The whole park is planting trees, corollas, so it becomes the "green lung" of the city for citizen to relax.Er'zha Park is consisted of the new and old brakes. Old ear brake hub project was founded in 1919, was the first seat of Tianjin water conservancy project. The new brake is finished build, but the old brake ... View Detail

Riverside Park

The Riverside Park is located in the southern of Zhongshan Road Tanggu District Tianjin, is built back rivers in 1953. It is the largest synthetic park in Tanggu District covering 30.3 hectares. The lake area in the park is 5.3 hectares withe clear water rippling, trees into shadow and the main scenery " Hupin Floor" is simple elegant. In addition, there are more than 50 kinds of animals.In the park also sets swimming pool, dry skating arena, recreation hall and other entertainment ... View Detail

West park

The Hexi Park is located between Hexi Yijing Road and Ji Canal in Hangu District with area of 18 hectares. The park is divided into culure rest area, plant area, children playing space, small animals area, park administrative zones, landscape forest area, natural water area and shelter forest belt. In the park, there are white wax, weeping willow, Chinese junipers, crape myrtle, flowering peach, Chinese flowering crabapple and so on. There are many valuable varieties, like cedar, michelia alba, ... View Detail

Xi Gu Park

Xigu Park is located in the northwest part of Tianjin. It was built in 1958 and covers an area of 32 hectares. It is dominated by natural landscapes of vigorous trees and plants. The park does not have a long history, but Xigu was already famous for its beautiful scenery in the 19th century. View Detail

Yangcun small world

Yangcun Small World occupies 480 mus (a mu is a unit of area in China equal to 667 square kilometers). It is famous for fresh air and a strong country atmosphere. The design of the entire park, based on the natural plates of the earth, shrunk 115 attractions from 80 countries inside a park. All of the attractions are distributed reasonably and are well organized. Within one day, you can see many reproductions of famous sites from different countries. Yangcun Small World is located in Yangcun ... View Detail

Tianjin Binhai aircraft carrier theme park

Tianjin Binhai Aircraft Carrier Theme Park, located in the core region of the in-process Binhai Leisure Tourism Area, covers a land area of 5.57 km2. With its overall planning and tourism planning jointly undertaken by Atkins, the world-famous planning consultant and KCAHNCE Tourism Consulting and Operation Institute, a top-grade domestic tourism planner, Tianjin Binhai Aircraft Carrier Theme Park is a large-scale military-themed park with the core project "KIEV" Aircraft Carrier as ... View Detail