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Mountain climbing Mount eighteen is the most advantageous offer a section of road, a total of more than 1,600 stone steps level, one of the main indicator for the Mount. Here two mountains, such as cut cliffs, steep drive way mosaic, from afar, like the day the door ladder. Eighteen in the Songshan North, Gaofu above the double cliff lined, formerly known as Cloud Gate, the current name of mountains, winding mountain path to the Qing Emperor Qianlong Dynasty when the provision of ... View Detail

Grand View Peak

Yuhuangding disk Road in the east, Grand View Peak cut cliff to the monument, covered with ancient title Le. 13.3 m high peak Cliff Grand, 5.5 meters wide, full-text 1000 words, the book Body for Tang Li, diction elegant, calligraphy, Qiu Jin, quite Tang style. Evaluation of the Ming Dynasty writer Shizhen here, said: "Cliff made the heaven and Ming-Shu Qiong, if flying in the clouds of the table Luan, worth flying colors." Grand Peak and throughout the Inscription on the Yunfeng, Liu Ren Tang ... View Detail

Peak day candle

Candle in the nine-day peak south cliff, Longgang, two peaks not far from the sea every stream, the shape similar to Juzhu peaks, respectively, the peak is known as the big day candle, small candle-day peak. Small-day peak of a cylindrical solitary candle Huo Ran uprooted from the bottom, like tall candle, Feng Jinsong side, just like Zhu Yan combustion, so called "Zhu Yan Song." Peak east of the small day also has a cylindrical candle mountain peaks forceful than small sturdy candle few days, ... View Detail

Black Dragon Pool

Xixi Baizhang Ya in Taishan, waterfalls year slump, the impact of cliff into a lake, the legend of this lake and the East China Sea the same, a dragon to come and go freely, hence the name "Black Dragon." Shiting southeast of the Black Dragon Pool, the name Xixi Pavilion. North East Baizhang Ya Tam has a long life on the bridge, previous years years old, has become a dangerous bridge. Shiting on both sides of the bridge relative to the east, clouds Shuiting, the west wind and thunder pavilion. ... View Detail


Taohuayu at the western foot of Mount Tai, the section name on the Peach Blossom Spring, the next section name taohuayu, peach Mangu named because in ancient times. Tang Li has "peach, such as red rain down chaos," the poem, also known as the red rain here in Sichuan, Fu-Chuan Hung. Peach valley in the mountain herbs, covered with treasure. Hyperchromic taohuayu most famous is famous for the Varicorhinus fish, algae, they come and go in rock crevices between the light and nimble figure, ... View Detail