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Yehliu Scenic Area

Wanli Township, Taipei County is located in Yehliu Yehliu Village, extending to the sea Tatun Department of a headland, which is made with the accumulation of strata of sandstone, due to the long-term erosion and weathering the waves, the sea forming steep cliffs and wide flat rock bed. Dense rocks on the beach rocks, a wide range, each doing its magic. Characters, monsters, artifacts and both are lifelike, most people are familiar is commendable and processes in the gently sloping rock slopes ... View Detail

Fisherman';s Wharf

Freshwater Fisherman';s Wharf is located in Taipei County, Danshui River estuary on the right bank, the old name of the second fresh water fishing port, was completed in the Republic of China 76 years. Freshwater Datun mountain range east of Fisherman';s Wharf, the West across the Tamsui and Guanyin Mountain Xiangzhi, the world famous "Tamkang Sunset" is here. Freshwater Fisherman';s Wharf, originally a traditional fishing port, through the construction site preparation, now has become an ... View Detail

Xiao Youkeng

Xiao Youkeng Yangmingshan park is located in a volcanic fumaroles, located in the Seven Star Mountain in Shanxi, about 805 meters above sea level, is Qixingshan Trail trailhead. Xiao Youkeng for the type of volcanic activity notch terrain, a year-round fumaroles emit sulfur gas and steam, the temperature is high. Because of its volcanic activity into after the termination of underground there are still residual heat, the residual heat of the gas heating under the ground, so that the ground ... View Detail