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Spring, Lotus Hill Park over 2000 strains of the peach is in bloom, not only attracted the bees busy collecting nectar, also attracted people to go to flowers, photography enthusiasts go to shoot flowers.

Lotus on the north slope of the Peach Grove, peach trees have been covered with bud, a small part has a matte finish blooming. Tours peach citizens have,

extravagant cloth on the ground, put the biscuits, beverages, fruit, and tea to enjoy spring in Peach Grove and enjoy peach patting photos, and "Changqiangduanbao" has become a different kind of scenery in the Peach Grove. Mr. Wang, who lives in Lotus Kitamura, photography enthusiasts, the last year, the Peach Grove expansion after the blossoming fruit trees, and "peach newly planted soon, the branches also very rugged feel, but the Peach Grove is rare in Shenzhen, be sure to take pictures . 8-year-old Rati with painting depicting a pen in the peach tree, "good friend did not come to paint the scene that she and I play together in the peach tree, go back and give her".

According to reports, positive Peach Grove optimal viewing of fly in the ointment is the Peach Grove landscape projects are underway, no special sidewalk, and was surrounded by blue Weidang. Lotus Hill Park, the relevant responsible person said that the landscape works will be completed in a month, then two additional entrance plaza and sidewalks throughout the Peach Grove, Peachtree will reach more than 5000 trees, an increase of five or six varieties.