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South Beach Long Tu

South Long Beach James Island is located south of the central Gulf Shengsi, lake beach and the base of "Sisters of sand," said. Two beaches separated by only a Hutoushan Kong. South Long Beach Long Beach 2750 m James, 200 meters wide, adjacent to the south by the long-coated, high-field 3 small bay and beach stone, of which, South Bay, Long coated with high-field convergence at the two beaches, a cliff Shigong Li If Shihmen, said large and small longan stone. There are some small islands ... View Detail

Base Lake Beach

Lake beach at the base of "South Beidaihe," said, in the heart of scenic Shengsi Islands region. Beach length of 2300 meters, 300 meters wide, in east China';s largest sandy beach. East China has become one of the best seaside resort. In 1987 the official opening, has successfully held the first national marine sports competitions, beach volleyball and other beach national events. 2006, the third section of Shengsi Yibei Wen held a grand opening ceremony is here. Forest Hill-based Lake beach ... View Detail