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Yushan Shun Cao';e River Basin water, is pregnant with beauty, picturesque, known as China';s most ancient rhyme Tour Road - "eastern Zhejiang Tangshizhilu," only the poet of Tang Dynasty, nearly 400 river rafting, Zhu Bo chant. E thousands of ceaseless river flowing from Shun, Yu Xiao Shao dug canals to flood control, Eastern Zhejiang Canal, built a hundred Lek seawall, Xiaoshao Hai Tong, the implementation of tideland reclamation, E Jiang, keep water in the history of a string of solid ... View Detail

Mountain area said

According to legend, when the Tang Dynasty, said Hill was the diameter of eastern Zhejiang Tangshizhilu must stop, in addition, there are many well-known scholars of past dynasties such as the poet and LUO, Song Q, etc., came to board tour concept, leaving a lot so far handed down the fine works of art has been printed, "said Shan Fu Masters history," passed down the tree monument. Shiting the Ming Dynasty. Located in the south, said Hill. Taipu Si Si Cheng Ming Zhang, Department of Protection ... View Detail

Dongshan area

Western Jin south, the Dongshan as of the nobility, celebrities settlements. Xie, 41, long before the mountain recluse; In addition, Wang, Sun Chuo, Li Chong, Zhi Dun, Xu consultation, Ruan Yu and other celebrities in the mountains have the sound room, and sometimes celebrities gathered at home and attention. Jin Sheng-ping four years (AD 360), the Xie leave Dongshan politics, and quickly transferred to the central services directly to the Eastern Jin Dynasty, a famous politician, generation of ... View Detail

Fung Ming Shan

Fung Ming Shan rich historical and cultural heritage, is the Taoist culture, "the ninth small cave heavens" location, known as "Wonderful", since ancient times as a tourist attraction, and the exercises had been formed "Fengming Ten." One hanging stone waterfalls, the Millennium Furuto (also known as over the mountains Long) spectacle, is a provincial scenic Caoejiang an integral part. The fifties of the first color film "Butterfly Lovers" that uptake in this location.   Fengming town ... View Detail

Eco-tourism paradise

Here dense forests, rich in skin grafting, seasonal flowers and fragrance, bamboo fruit garden, everywhere except the park, Castle Peak and the peach, plum, persimmon, bamboo and other 5,000 acres of bamboo forest, there are closed quiet Taoyuan Lake, Longtan Lake, the water area nearly 400 acres, a unique ecosystem of natural resources. Area is divided into "three areas of a second-line center," the basic layout: the Taoyuan Lake core area, rural scenery area, leisure areas and features of the ... View Detail

Cao';e Temple

Cao';e temple was built in the Eastern Han Dynasty, after the vicissitudes of life, rise and fall several times, repeated renewal, extension, had just formed the scale today. The main temple building has gate, main hall, rear hall, Cao';e tomb, drinking booths, Tugu Ci, Shen Temple, Dong Yue Temple, palace of hell, stage, etc., covers an area of 7,000 square meters. The grand scale of the magnificent glory, and to the many gifts of sculpture and plaque celebrity famous book. Entitled "First ... View Detail

Scenic mountain heap

Reactor located in scenic mountain Pu Town, Shangyu City, Yifeng Zhang Village, known to Xiufeng Temple. Area to the main line of Buddhist temples, all dedicated to Jade Buddha Temple, the size of Jade Buddha Temple has hundreds of full respect, is the largest reclining Buddha, called the highest in the country. View Detail

Wolong Mountain Scenic Spot

Wolong Mountain Scenic Spot is located in the western city of Shangyu Wolong Mountain Dam Artemisia, a radius of tens of square kilometers, rolling hills, heavily forested. Wolong Mountain Dragon';s Back climb along a total of two hundred winding steps, which have "Pu Jing Temple" Temple courtyard type house is surrounded by Gracilaria enclosure built around 4 million square meters, the planting of fruit plants. Vegetable fields, orchards, Dasan staggered sparse cloth, tall bamboo trees on both ... View Detail

Springfield Middle School

First floor of this deposit, the Science Museum, Library, Music School, etc., the building blocks are linked gallery. Heng Yi of residence by the "long Matsuyama room," Xia Gaizun of residence "flat house", Feng of residence "small willow house", Master Hong Yi of residence "Reaching Sanbanggulsa" Ya Dengjun school year grace now. Is now a provincial heritage conservation units. White Horse Lake Middle School in Springfield. Republic of years (1921), a famous educator of modern planning by ... View Detail

Spirit Mountain scenic track

Birthplace of Japanese education san temple. According to research, the originator of the Japanese religious Saicho Master in Tang Dynasty China to study the law, was finally granted in Shangyu Mountain Empowerment Act, created to carry through the book after returning to Japan, the largest Japanese Tendai sect. Mountain temple became the important witness of Sino-Japanese cultural exchanges, religious pilgrimage in Japan. Existing ancient Buddha statues and sculptures such as the Tang Dynasty ... View Detail