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YiYang humanity peak

Yiyang County, Xinjiang River in the south coast, is located in the Mountains in, between the Lung Fu Shan and Mount Wuyi, a "natural bonsai" Fitch said. Guifeng total of 36 peaks, eight landscape. Guifeng formerly Guifeng, because rocks stacked like turtles, hence the name. After the literati that undermine the beauty of the tortoise elegant words, take homophone "Gui" word substitution, renamed Guifeng. Area at the entrance to a cave outside the hole after the lake, visitors can rippling ... View Detail

Gexian Mountain

Famous Taoist Gexian Mountain is located in the middle Yanshan County, the Department of Wuyishan offshoot. The Buddha Mountain Road, as one solution, only the mountain, so Gexian mountain known as the "best in the world famous." Overlooking the main peak standing around, such as the nine nine offshoot dragon, hovering prance, by the clouds, known as "channeling the top of Kowloon." Like a huge mountain afar Gexian Ao, stands in the mountainous valley among the excluded, Qixiu Jun absolutely. ... View Detail

Feng Ze Lake Scenic Area

Shangrao City, 40 km south Shangrao at Au on Lu Feng Ze Town Lake, also known as Tai Au reservoir, located in the five House Mountain basin. Five House Hill House by five hills of 1891.4 meters above sea level. Gordon is expected to peak in Jiangxi widely believed the government and Rao Island House, Fujian Nanping Prefecture, Zhejiang Quzhou and Kim Washington is named. Mist-shrouded mountains five government has always been known for picturesque scenery and pleasant weather. With the key ... View Detail


Shangrao County is located in the northern territory of the weather condition was fine, visibility is high, can be seen in Shangrao urban elegance of its pretty straight. Mountain is very old, very magical Mountain, Mountain not only has beautiful landscapes, many more beautiful Mountain legend. Is Huaiyushan offshoot, a broad surge in the mountain, winding the West, to Bai Yunfeng Mountain sub-second pulse, a pulse north west of a clock, like Yan Yue set in the corner to land in northeastern ... View Detail

Five Forest Park House

Five government rich natural landscape Forest Park, the Lady Creek, fingers peaks, five House Gang, Dragon Valley, San Tong Temple constitute the five scenic spots. Sedimentary, and metamorphic rock formations, mountain Heavy, continuous, geomorphological features as the "Valley of a post two three-ridge." Five main peak of 1891.6 m House Gang, the third peak for the East, eight more than 1,800 meters above sea level to form a natural barrier height dependent - East first natural barrier. Peak ... View Detail


Located in the southern suburbs of Langyashan in Shinshu area, surrounded by mountains, pines Diego Tsui, beautiful. Dong Yue Temple is the temple line, was built in Song Shaoxing years. After several generations after the repair of the Ming and Qing expansion. Became a spectacular scale of ancient buildings. In addition to the main hall of the main building, the right is Suiyang Temple, Sheng Mudian the left, after the Wenchang Pavilion, preceded by a stage. Let the main hall in front of the ... View Detail

Goose Lake College

China';s last period of the famous College. Widely believed in the government of Jiangxi Yanshan County. Since from the Eastern Jin Dynasty, after the Tang, Song, Ming Dynasty, are inhabited by many scholars, was once a famous cultural center. Especially Zhu Xi and Lu Jiuyuan Goose Lake of the Council, become a far-reaching influence of Confucianism in the history of the event. It is "widely believed the government records," Introduction: "righteous cause Yin Temple left four words." Righteous ... View Detail

River Town

County seat town of Yanshan River, was historically one of four towns in Jiangxi. Song was called "Sandy City." Jiajingnianjian, where handicrafts developed through the Poyang Lake water. To Qianlong, estuaries into the peak period, Fujian, Zhejiang and Anhui Jiangxi Sichuan Guang Jing Su and distribution of goods here, resell the country, became merchants of the "eight-province thoroughfare" of the land. Today, there are still retains the imprint of old and quaint downtown style. Five meters ... View Detail

Years Shennong source

Shen Nong source Scenic Area is located in Jiangxi years years, Yiyang, Leping three counties (cities) under Huang Tianfeng junction, close to Yi (Yang) million (annual) road, 20 km from the county seat of years, Yiyang County, 50 km, Nanchang 130 km, 110 km Shangrao City. Surrounded by the scenic mountains, beautiful scenery, fresh air and pleasant weather. Rice culture from the birthplace of the world (covering the national level protected cultural relics Fairy Cave, bucket loop sites, Fairy ... View Detail

Stack Mountain College

Piling Yiyang County, Jiangxi College is located in the East, bordering Xinjiang River, covering nearly 7,000 square meters, it was in early Southern Song Dynasty scholar Xie Fang was reading and study areas. Xie Fang was, Zijun straight, No. stacked mountains of the Southern Song to Yuan died, the family martyr. Yan Yu Yuan Ren five years (1318), the local population regardless of official obstruction, and built this College, to commemorate the pavilion Fang was the national spirit and ... View Detail