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Remarkable 2010 World Expo will be held in Shanghai, the Expo attracted nearly 200 participating countries and international organizations are expected up to 70 million passenger trips. Expo originated in the medieval merchants of assembly, and today the World Expo in addition to commercial exchanges, but also technological, cultural, national exchange and communication, is a show themselves, to understand the world stage. Is a society at that time a record of civilization and wisdom, and Prospects for the future.

Both sides of the Huangpu River in Shanghai Expo area of 5.4 square kilometers, the Expo was an independent group of five venues Museum group, the Joint CenterGroup, corporate pavilions group, a museum group and the China Pavilion group. Independence Hall group of buildings which will focus on the Huangpu River, each building by a state-funded building, used to display the country';s scientific and technological achievements; Joint Pavilion buildings will be part of the joint construction of a number of countries; other buildings will be financed in China construction, then leased to the participating States to use; Enterprise Pavilion buildings will become a place of international exhibitors.

The display content, the French will be on display from the Van Gogh Museum, Miller, Cezanne, Rodin and other masters of art creation. Museum of Denmark, the Danish national treasure abroad for the first time "Little Mermaid" will be intimate with the audienceContact. Italian Pavilion will showcase its unique cuisine lifestyle. Brazilian Football Museum will showcase the charm and passion for samba.

Both in literary and artistic programs Domingo, Andrea Bocelli, Yi Fula and other international stars of the classic concert, but also the world';s elite get-togethers, "Global Youth Innovation Tour" and other fashion interactive performance. Both specifically tailored for the Shanghai World Expo original programming, such as the concentration changes of the theme of global urban space show "urban window"; also enduring, known in the world of popular programs, such as Canada, the sun circus, dance of Lebanon, "a thousand and one Night ", etc..

Technology and environmental protection are the focus of each of the Expo, the German museum has a huge metal ball, equipped with sensing devices, people can respond to movement and voice; Israeli Pavilion will showcase a tiny capsule, through "roaming the human body "painless way to complete a physical examination; the external walls of the Italian Pavilion, the transparency may be changing, but also at any time building internal and external perception of the temperature and humidity.

More information and practical Raiders Expo venues can be found in topic Expo

Expo venues within the large or the 2nd day all the venues is difficult to Wanbian need choice, can beSee the Expo line project in the Expo Raiders recommendation. Expo Hall with their own characteristics diagram: the British Museum a large number of external stretching out tentacles to the wind with light shaking, changing a variety of colors and patterns; the Spanish Pavilion of the external walls of woven cane, like a dynamic Front Laming Ge skirts; Japan Pavilion like a purple cocoon; Saudi Arabia as a huge treasure ship museum; United Arab Emirates Revitalizing the form of natural sand dunes, all pavilions are showing the unique culture of countries and geographical features.

Wonderful art activities
Lead the trend of technological innovation: Many exhibitors have brought their latest technological achievements. For example, the Finnish Museum of whiteColor "fish-scale wall" is entirely new type of paper and plastic composite materials, this is the Shanghai World Expo will debut new environmentally friendly building materials; Japan Pavilion applied the most advanced technology cycle breathing pores, called "The pavilion will be breathing." Shanghai World Expo to bring the most original ecology of International cuisine. Thai Pavilion Thai dishes and ultimately "the first card," Tom Yum Kung soup, spicy Thai curry chicken noodle fun and play the strong and the Thai Q fried shrimp balls, etc.; from Spain';s top chef Peter - Pull the auspices of the fine than if the Farm attractive colored dishes stacked in the small piece of bread, and a kind of delicious, one a surprise; and the chocolate factory in BelgiumVisitors able to see the chocolate making process, and can free tasting of Belgian chocolates. All this can be easily EXPO. Park, the world will taste the cuisine, the restaurant list Daquan Expo Park Public Transportation

Metro: Line 13, the latest opening of the Expo Line, Line 13 about 5 km from north to south in turn set up fresh Road Station, Madang Road Station, Lupu Bridge Station, Expo Park station and Changqing Road Station. In freshwaterRoad Station, Madang Road, Changqing Road Station and the rail station and 10, respectively, line, line 9, line 7 intersect. Lupu Bridge station out without during the Expo, visit the Expo site from the end of the passenger station at the Expo site in Puxi traveling to Lupu Bridge station, the station at the station. Freshwater Road Station - Madang Road Station and the Expo Park Station - Changqing Road Station, under normal circumstances will not be open to traffic only in emergency situations. Tickets for the World Expo held during the Expo, take the 13 line free of charge.

Expo Bus:To meet the World Expo, Shanghai World Expo 42 opened up a special bus lines, allowing the arrival of visitors convenient near the Expo site. Expo Line Detail 42

Taxi: during the World Expo 4000 Shanghai World Expo launched nearly a taxi, most of the Volkswagen Touran, with 350 as the Buick LaCrosse hybrid vehicle, the taxi Expo respectively Volkswagen, Johnson & Johnson, buses, JJ , Haibo five operated taxi companies. Freight and regular taxis are identical, only the World Expo in the taxi during the Expo To enter the Expo 7 km around the control area, you need a taxi should be selected to enter the Expo Expo taxi travel.

For more park information and other traffic information of traffic and see the Expo theme of the Expo Raiders traffic.

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