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Baoshan Riverfront Park is the main park in the centre of Baoshan Area. It was began to prepare to construct in April 1956 and its original name is "Gongqing Park" while it renamed "Riverfront Park" in October 1965. In the park of about 76,667 square meters, there is still keeping Dacheng Confucian Temple, City Wall, water off the Bridge and many hitorical sites; and Shanghai Section Resisitance Memorial, Huacheng Chen memorial, Ziqing Yao camp in Sacrifice, Riverwatching Pavilion and other human landscape, that formed a synthetic parke was fused culture, advertisement, relaxation.

The park has a section of the remaining Baoshan ancient City Wall and an ancient turn, silently recounting Baoshan city to tourists to rise and fall in one hundred.

Tel: 021 6678 6355


Bus: 53, 116, 207, 508, 531, 541, 711, 769, 813, 848, 849

Seldriving Tour: city center -- Yixian Road Elevated -- Tongji Road (A30 Road) -- Youyi Road

Adress: No.1 Youyi Road

Ticket: Free

Time: 6:00 - 17:00