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Home in the theme park

Guxiangli, belonging to Biguiyuan Group, was built in 2005, has the name of "Lingnan Folk Imperial Palace". The scenic area is mainly divided into eight parts: Lingnan Old Buildings, Display of Life of Ancestors, Lane of All Arts, Arena, Automotive Amusement Programs, Farm and Zoo, etc.The front half area is Lingnan Amorous Feelings Area, consisting of Lingnan Old Buildings, Display of Life of Ancestors and Lane of All Arts. Its keynote is views of Lingnan Water Country reproducing the ... View Detail

Megalosaurus Ecological Science Park

Rare and endemic species of southern Chinas largest breeding base in the Park, located in the scenic Qingyuan Fogang Longshan Town, about 15 km away from the tourist area of Huanghua Lake officially opened on New Years Day 2004. It is nearly 30 million yuan investment, a collection of modern aquaculture. Science education and tourism as one of the major tourist attractions industry. Park, with modern technology of artificial breeding 1000 long sika, there are a lot of ostriches, horses, camels, ... View Detail

Zhongshan Park

Zhongshan Park in Qingyuan has had many formerly, 1930, free (now Lianzhou) county magistrate Ye Risong school into a "Zhongshan Park". The original building, in addition, column hall show, to preserve Yiting Pavilion, the rest are removed. Beacon Hill to grand canyon rafting and thousands of Valley Creek Suxi adventure be well-known, far and near, set leisure, entertainment and sports, business meeting one. Thousands of Valley Creek upstream exploration in the dense forests in the ... View Detail

Underground river with the state

Characterized by the subtropical karst (dissolved rock) cave and the underground river inside the cave, Lianzhou Underground River is a well known summer resort boasting a stunning landscape, moderate temperature and fresh air throughout the year. It is situated in Dadong Village, about 26 kilometers (16 miles) northeast of Lianzhou City, a famous cultural and historical city which is also renowned for its intriguing stalactites that have brought it fame down through the ages.The mysterious cave ... View Detail

Yangshan Little Guilin

Yangshan Little Guilin is located in zone of the Shuikou Town and Qinglian Town. Lian River streams here and turns a 90 degree bend. On the both sides of the river, the castle peak ups and downs; the stalactite on the cliff are in differnt size. The green countryside and old dwellings are ornamented in the green hills and water, that are consituted scene like the Lijiang River. Guan Shanyue, the famouse painter ever printed from life here, and he called the zone of Shuikou as "Little ... View Detail

Huang Teng Gorge Rafting

Qingyuan of Guangdong Huang Teng Gap known as the "mini Jiuzhai" quality first-class, first-class scenery, first-class air. Huang Teng Gap successful opening to the outside world in 2004 canyon rafting, the tourism industry was locked is China's most attractive, most exciting, the most fun rafting, and by the vast numbers of tourists and tourism peer acclaim, dubbed "the king of drifting" known. 2005 by the State Sport General Administration of water sports management ... View Detail

Huang River Three Gorges

Also known as Lian Jiang, Huang River Three Gorges Three Gorges, Three Gorges, a small Richly even County. The Lianjiang 400 miles of waterways, along the river peaks Gaan, cliff King show, Longquan Gap, the Lankavatara Gap, sheep jump Gap. Stalactites carved vertical hang, wonderful scenery. Boat in the river and along the picturesque, Zuoguai transfer, such as painting the middle.Tickets:Regular Shipping CNY25/person, Deluxe Boat CNY30/personTransportation:from Lianzhou city 3 km East Dragon ... View Detail

Xianqiao underground river

18km northwest of Yingde City, Xianqiao Underground River is 13km long, made up of two underground sections and one section above the ground. Visitors can enjoy the natural wonders by boat on the underground river. More interestingly, at present, we have not found the exit of the cave because of its anfractuous and dazzling structure of hall in the river surface. Presently, you can go deep into it for 1.300 meters and must come back along the original way. There are also some other scenic spots ... View Detail

Beach clean water rafting

Qingxin Gaotian Bishuitan Rafting is located in Gaotian town, Qingxin county and is 19km from the city center. The forest is luxuriant, the air is fresh, the water is clear and fast. The watercourse is 5km long with a total fall of more than 80m, including more than 40 falls, and has a rafting time of about 100min. The center receives about 5000 tourists a day and offers a complete set of services. It opened for business in May 2004. The Feilaixia Hydro-Junction and Feixia Scenic area are also ... View Detail

Bixi drift

The Bixi Drafting which is called "Lingnan the first rafting", is located in the" cloud laugh thousand hills, within the ship plows ten thousand ares wave "Feilaixia Reservoir, a water and Richly are connected in convenient transportation. It is only 80 kilometers away from Guangzhou, starting from Qingyuan city driving only 30 minutes drive along a road of silver. It is the best place to experience "the feeling of the really drifting".Inside the the Bixi river ... View Detail