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Monkey Island

Previous Station: Ostrich Island Lake Monkey Island archipelago is the monkeys in the Kingdom of the cloud mask a major Monkey Island, opened in 1991, there are macaques, rhesus monkeys the second largest. Points far from the village of Monkey Island people, science Gallery, visit the monkey ivan three blocks. People in remote villages close contact with monkeys; Gallery understanding of primates in the science of knowledge, byLong exposure; tame monkey in the monkey ivan considerable skills ... View Detail

Longshan Island

Previous Station: a warm island Jiajingnianjian, Hai Chun removed from office expires, the people Chun Qing government to commemorate the diligent performance of his standing, "Qusi Monument", was built to commemorate Shengci. Now the new temple on the island of Hai Rui was built in 1985, the building area of 625 square meters, cornices Qiaojiao, simple and elegant. After the church erected a statue of Hai nine feet height, left and right to wear a set of two walls and reflect the results of ... View Detail

Ostrich Island

Previous Station: View of the island Meifeng Ostrich is the world';s largest birds. The Australian island of captive ostrich, ostrich and other species. Visitors can participate in ostrich feed, human egg counter, holding the neck of an ostrich photo, riding an ostrich race, and visit an array of ostrich craft shows. Sometimes come across as a courtship dance dancing with the character, very interesting. Next stop: Monkey Island Image by User 66873273 thanks t-weight: bold; "> ... View Detail