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66F ~ 84F
NW at 20km/h
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Pingdingshan thrush Valley

Pingdingshan thrush Valley A National "AAA" rated scenic spot and a major tourist attraction in Henan. It is named after the many thrushes breeding here. The scenic area is a total of 30 square kilometers. There are numerous attractions such as cuckoo lake, an area known as "the pocket of the Three Gorges. Wood Thrush Valley includes more than 100 scenic spots. It is renowned for providing a habitat to numerous wood thrushes and its vegetation coverage rate is over 95 percent.In ... View Detail


Yaoshan A national "AAAA" rated scenic spot. Located nearby in Lushan County. Originally known as Yaoshan Shirenshan. Home to the Spring Temple Buddha, the largest statue in the world, built in 2002. Shiren Mountain Scenic Area is located in the west of Lushan County, and covers an area of about 268 square kilometers (66,224 acres). The site is famous for its curiously shaped peaks, tall waterfalls, rich forests, hot natural springs and a long granite glide-slop. The majestic Shiren ... View Detail