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Dulong River Valley

Tourist guide Into the Dulong';s Road is a pass just near the township road repair and road to reach the township government is over, you want to truly enter into the Dulong settlements, but also a long walk, and they lived more scattered. In the process of Dulongjiang hiking, walking 15 kilometers a day or more, of physical strength, perseverance in all aspects is a great test, need to think carefully before traveling. Dulong Section Main Line: hangingBridge (right bank) iron wooden horse ... View Detail

Nature Conservation

INVENTORY in the Nu West Bank. Reserve 9 km from east to west, north to south and 135 km steep, north-south valley and white arrangement, with a very typical mountain valley with natural geographical landscape and vertical variety of plant and animal resources. Here forest cover, mountains and canyons of complex terrain and poor ecological environment, for a variety of plants and animals provide a good habitat conditions. Gaoligongshan great cold mountain blocking the invasion of the Northwest ... View Detail

Moraine Lake Mountain

3,500 meters above sea level in the Nu River above the strait area, the distribution of many alpine glacial lake. Spring and summer, Bingxiao snow melt, snow retreated to where the flowers to open to where, from the mountains to the lake, everywhere a sea of flowers. Qingbi translucent lake, reflecting the endless forests and no proof of the blue sky, white snow off the mountain even more brighter and colorful azaleas. Large number of mountain glacial lakes, is difficult to calculate the ... View Detail

Peach Blossom Island

Peach Blossom Island, located in the village of Zara barrel, as is the peach trees around their houses everywhere, every spring, peach pink shiny red like pink clouds island, so people put the village of Zara drum called Peach Blossom Island. Nu living in the island';s people in the annual season of blossoming fruit trees, is the Lunar Malaysia and Singapore in February, should have peach blossom, the main worship ancestors Pema Nu. They make a white noodles Mary statue decorated with bright ... View Detail

Orders Lake

Horse Lake is located in chip orders arise from the northeastern part of Nature Conservation and Wu Zhong Shan mountains in between orders from the 600 meters Gaoligongshan Pass snow, about 3540 meters above sea level, covering an area of 0.3 square kilometers, take orders headwater, Yu Chuan Chong, Department of residual glacial erosion formed lake. Orders from the high altitude lake, the water temperature is low, the formation of shorter, less lake biology, water quality excellent, is a ... View Detail

Anger River reservoir search

Liusuo is the most representative within the Nu River, the most typical source of transportation is still widely in use. Liusuo past the Grand Canyon of the Nu River in Yunnan is the main transport minorities is their symbol of transformation and over nature, is the thick and thin, tough, character portrayal. Liusuo can be considered the world';s most thrilling of the "bridge", known as the "Bridge of the wind," said. Nu River Grand Canyon high mountains and deep valleys, river rapids, on both ... View Detail


Dimaluo village has a church, where there are already extinct in the Middle Ages in Europe, the characteristics of the church activities. Into Dimaluo village has been completely the ancient atmosphere, workers are created by hand, beautiful world. Hand-built wooden houses, planting crops by hand, hand-weaving cloth, handmade belongings ... ... the feeling of a completely different city. View Detail