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Tianhe area (eastern Zhejiang Grand Canyon)

The total area of Tianhe Scenic Area 260 square kilometers, composed by the hundreds of spots. Has developed three area: Grand Songxi Canyon, Twin Peaks Forest Park and the water resort. Big Songxi Canyon quiet long, Qifeng rocks everywhere, waterfalls, rapids ups and downs, as the "first eastern Zhejiang Grand Canyon." 20 km length of the valley nine eighth Bay, vertical drop 900 meters, a pile of rocks stream valley bottom, the largest of hundreds of cubic meters of gravel, more than a ... View Detail

Genting East China Sea tourist area

Local mountains standing up there, Green Sea, storied Pinnacle, a blend of many precious animals and plants resources, protection of animals at the national level the black muntjac, has a protected animal "clouded leopard" of protected areas, plant variety, a plant kingdom said. Currently a development of the south entrance of scenic attractions, scenic spots and Genting Taohuaxi Villa Resort, Taohuaxi area (March 2005 approved the establishment of Taohuaxi Forest Park), rich in forest ... View Detail

Scenic hills covered

The tourist attractions have been developed using a "cloud the East China Sea." The main attractions are: South waist double waterfall, peach floor, five Eagle Peak, Guanyinyan, Fairy Cave, Black Dragon Pool, Shishi, East drip, drip West, on the Galaxy side of waterfalls, Tao Bay, fairy driving bridge, Rooster Rock Post North and South Cave, Sam Shing rock, stone slipway, the size of Mount columns, fairy chess game and Yang Tianhu, Yunfeng Temple and so on. 20 km from Ninghai Dong Station by ... View Detail

Huang Shan Liang

Hill has built in the Tang Takenori south between the Liang Emperor Temple (formerly Chong Temple), eleven years wen to "abutments College." Sihou also Liangyuan Lake, worship by Taiwan, stone pan, and other attractions. Dong Liang Huang Temple along the mountain path about the first 40 minutes, but also enjoy the many formations in the King of Liang Zan. Xu then all praise: Feng Rong water company, Mu Xiu Shi Qi. Liang Huang Shan Places - mountain rain: hot weather, the sea breeze blowing ... View Detail

Qiang Jiao Islands

Today, three thousand strong Kau-ton wharf has been built, the natural harbor of Ningbo City and marine base, but the Pavilion Village sites, ancient buildings and four Ming and Qing Ping Road Hospital alone, small temples and other monuments still intact Putuo. Come here to travel, can be sent nostalgia, appreciation of the beauty of sea and sky, the good taste of seafood products, make a return does not come off between the celestial worries History: This is an ancient and mysterious island ... View Detail

Town before the child

Available to tour a level Temple of their home, out by the house, the main room, Five Blessings, good meaning together, were temples and other good old house and the streets, folk museum, Lushan, stone Kagamiyama, Daughters Lake, Chai million infants and Bo, Xu Gu Yu Road and other landscapes. Chen Yifei';s posthumous "Barber" in the exclusive town of Ninghai former child more than 50% of the lens. Thinking their home was built post Jiaqing, the third son of the Qing Dynasty Tong Yu Tong ... View Detail

Underwater village

You can see the ancient village shrine, shrine and elsewhere Ninghai not the same architectural design. It has around two courtyards. Shrine of the stage, two corridors are beautifully carved. Zhong Tang Ancestral Hall is now more than ten meters long hanging roots of a large dragon. College English village with education, the College Ninghai one of four ancient northern town. Well preserved ancient houses in the village there are two authentic, are "five-generation" of. 2 kilometers northwest ... View Detail

Ten red makeup

Entering the Museum, you will be infected by a dazzling array of collections exhibits, as if back to the Ming and Qing Jiangnan life: furniture, large beds, small to think China, from gold and silver jewelry, clothes cloth, candle lights, bed cabinets tables, Zhenxiang was off, crown towels and footwear, brass basin utensils, enamel cups and bowls, grooming equipment to the bead curios, four treasures, where the bride lives with her husband';s need readily available. Said that when the ... View Detail

Shouning Temple

Jin Yixi first year (405) Tianzhu (Ancient India) initiative by the monks Tan Feng Cha (Maple system raft) east from the sea, into the White Bridge in Hong Kong Sanmen Bay landing, after landing, put the other side of maple floating raft, Cha has said Maple Hill (the first temple in Hong Kong, opposite). At that time, Tan initiatives are dry mouth, did not talk about around the water, Tan initiatives to stamp Buddhist monk';s staff, the Baiquan emission, then build Whitewater Um. Stone Temple ... View Detail

Tianshou House

Tianshou when young, self-inductance, "No officer of the only, only the paintings are still capable of competence", so in poetry, calligraphy, painting, stone carving and so on in-depth exploration research. 1923, 27-year-old Tianshou candidates to Shanghaimeizhuan serve and participate in founding the new Shanghai Huayi professional, trained many students. In 1928, he went to the newly established Art Academy in Hangzhou West Lake, he became art department head, and his talent was already 80 ... View Detail