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Duck River Reservoir

Duck River reservoir in the middle and upper White River, only 40 kilometers from the city of Nanyang. Reservoir water surface area of about 120 square kilometers. Variety Yahekou Reservoir is located in the transition to the foothills of the Nanyang Basin. The Jiulishan Funiushan Mountains, Castle Peak, five stacks, and many mountain peaks standing up there in the northwest line, the Pro library, or boat tour in the library can enjoy the beautiful peaks of the infinite stack of wrong. Wataru ... View Detail

Nanyang five Mountain

Variety in Nanzhao south southwest, 50 km from Nanyang, close to 207 national highway and two wide highways. Scenic area covers an area of 126 square kilometers, the main peak due to five within three kilometers in the north-south line, and even the stands, the potential into five poles is named. Five mountain is famous prestigious history, "Shan Hai Jing" called "by God Mountain", "Waterways," also known as Qi spine Hill, "peace in mind" Tateyama ride called "eccentric solitary" for the ... View Detail