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Shengzhong Scenic Area

Shengzhong Shengzhong Scenic Area as the main dam and reservoir scenery, located in the northwest of Nanbu County, connecting the Jianmenshudao. Shengzhong reservoir across the south, Langzhong, Jianmen three counties / cities, the water more than 3,000 meters at its widest point, is the largest in southwest China a reservoir. During rippling, in which the island Xing Luo, the West Bank chain of mountains, valleys horizon, enjoy the "Emei Qingcheng Johnson Shengzhong" reputation. Dam Height of ... View Detail

Lingyun Mountain

Gun spirit world, care about her feng shui geography, wavy terrain, temples temples, stone art, and good natural ecology. Cong scenic green acres pine and cypress, Gun Bay fog cloud peaks around, when the mountain temple bell, mountain lake, ocean waves, beautiful and pleasant. Main attractions: IVPhase Five Lingyun Mountain View, the natural landscape exotic, feng shui culture heavy, realistic dragon left and right white tiger, the former Suzaku, after the basalt Shan Feng Shui and astronomy ... View Detail

Baiyun Mountain

Baiyun Mountain is located in Nanchong, Luo Peng Anxian Town, 8 km, is the largest forest park in Nanchong City, the "era of the county far South Temple, Lin years long," said. Mountain Baiyun Mountain has 33 peaks 2, 2 channel, 26 Bay, during gully aspect, the mountainous peaks, ancient village, the ancient gate, the ancient walls still remain. Shrubs from the forest health, trees tall and straight; ginseng, Ganoderma all kinds of natural herbs dotted; thrush, white crane tumble tree; fox, ... View Detail

Jincheng Mountain - Scenic Beach wear children

Jincheng Mountain - Scenic Beach grinding children, in view of Gaoping wins town, national forest park. "For Dicui vast forests, winding path back to faint several times, magnificent temples in antiquity, look for odd adventure Mo Wanggui" peak area of northern Sichuan Jincheng Mountain is famous for the Buddha, the original seventy one of the world. Qi Shan mountains vary more than water, the ancient rock scene, there are nine Shi Jiufeng, xxxvi spring, forty-eighth holes, but also in the ... View Detail

Scenic Jinpingshan

Langzhong City is located in the southern suburbs of Jinpingshan, wall stone surface Jiang, Peak east to west, left a little flat right-a little sudden, the middle slightly concave, like a saddle, also known as Ma On Shan, Bao Shan. Every spring, the mountain peach vomit red, white Lee flowers bloom, so people also called Huashan';s. Yamagata scene but the overall concept, "mixed bright flowers, the two peaks with columns such as the screen", it is one of the most common name for a Jinpingshan. ... View Detail

Too Pengshan

"Where the sea mountain flying, the two high-Zhi Peng white clouds," too Pengshan in Yingshan territory was North Sichuan Buddhist holy places, a thousand years ago, Tang Zhaozong early years, that has a "too Peng Temple" triple hall, incense, known as "too Peng Immortals" Ten Yingshan is the first column. Pengshan too big too small too Peng Peng and divided, with 12 peaks, three resort, the 32 spots to Chaoyang Dong, transparent reading place rocks and the most famous emperor. Along the stone ... View Detail

Xishan Scenic Area

Xishan Scenic Area is located in the western suburbs of Nanchong City Shunqing District, the State AAAA-class tourist attractions, the area of 8 square kilometers, from dance Fengshan, head mountain, officials Baoshan, habitat Leshan, fire Fengshan, Ma On Shan, inserted Qishan and other mountain structure, like a green screen, surrounded by the urban west. River flows slowly from the foot to form a landscape phase, lush forests of the good natural landscape, known as "Western Hills Xiuse" ... View Detail

Zhang Lan Memorial Hall

Memorial Hall is located in Nanchong Jianhua Zhang Lan vocational schools, the Memorial Hall is in front of the left side of a plastic bust of Mr. Zhang Lan, hanging above the main entrance doorway personally written by Hu Yaobang, "Zhang Lan Memorial Room" plaque. Life as is the basic layout of the bedroom. Other galleries and exhibits on display nearly 200 pieces of painting and calligraphy National Memorial Mr. Zhang Lan works, including Mr. Zhang Lan 80 longevity when Mao Zedong, Zhu De and ... View Detail

Baba Temple

Baba Temple, also known as "long photos Pavilion", the Muslim sect of Islam Gade Ye the Holy Land, located in the northeast suburb of Langzhong Broom Hill south of town. Baba, the Arabic "ancestors" was intended. Emperor Kangxi, Saudi Arabia, Mecca Moose Lin Huazhe Abdullahi died when the teaching of Islam Langzhong, buried here, and Temple, has been 300 years of history. Baba temple by the gate, screen wall, arch, hall, Hua Ting, Jing Ting and landscape composition, isThe rare group of Islamic ... View Detail

Langzhong city

Langzhong city surrounded by mountains around, the water around the three,';d be perfect, beautiful scenery, 2000 years, has been Shudao South Road, "the throat" and the North Sichuan political, economic, cultural and military center of the city. As early as 1000 years ago, Langzhong is the famous tourist destination, Du Fu like his "Langzhong win things can be heartbroken, Lang states south of the world is rare," Su Shi once exclaim, "Lang Court thousand Pa Ying Yu-huan, the world only to spend ... View Detail