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Mok Kong Lake

Mogan Lake is located south of Mok Kong, Yu Ying River middle reaches. It contains: AD 960-1949 stayed in the area of floods and droughts on average every four years was a disaster: case floods, often "the bank regardless, Garden drowned"; every drought, the "River Dry Field crack, Hedao dry." 1964 People';s Government of Deqing County, built on the estuary reservoir, dam 58 meters high, 293 meters long. Normal water level area of 3.7 square kilometers, an area of 5.48 square kilometers when ... View Detail


Mogan by the go-getters, moye named swords, and Mo Xie Gan Jiang Sword Pond is said to wear the sword is the place, hidden in the valley of the shadow of Mount Huang repair. According to legend, Mo Xie and Gan Jiang in the cast of male and female sword, stone grinding to the mountain, the pool of water quenching, the Xian Chang Li-fold. Many attractions here, there are four overlapping waterfall, go-getters, moye sculpture, grinding stone sword, sword test stone, carved stone and so on. IV ... View Detail

Wuling Village

Wuling Village is located in Mogan on the roof of the first St. Augustine, the magnificent landscape of high desert terrain, mainly interested Pavilion, Dicui Lake and other attractions. According to the Republic of China, "Mogan" carries: the first in the Gold Ridge Jiashan northeast, the terrain Xuan Shuang, Tang Vision best. Far away from other attractions and Mogan, quiet environment into the world since, as described by Tao of "paradise", named "Wuling Village." Bitian shade here, ... View Detail

View of Japan-Taiwan

Lu Huadang Park from the top right, along the winding stone steps, and through bamboo forest, over Villa, and soon to reach the view of Japan and Taiwan. Desk height of about four or five meters. Before dawn, lean on a railing waiting, suddenly the clouds gently Eastern Yi Chan, a trace of clouds in the beam is thrown, it is so weak, so the float variable and difficult to capture. But between a blink of an eye, it cemented a touch of dark red. This is a touch of red light slowly seems to be ... View Detail

Lu Huadang Park

Lu Huadang located in Shandong, North China, the original Bell Temple, ritual and more struck by gongs and drums, then shouted "percussion Church." Sihou destroyed, reedy, renamed the "Lu Huadang." Moganshan Lu Huadang park attractions, the park trees and verdant, water gurgling, refreshing summer quiet, very desirable summer heat. Reed King should reverie, flowers pictures, all-win interest. Located round the door, there are oval-shaped pool, plastic red top of a crane, an air of leisurely. ... View Detail

Yam cave

Yam Hill Street from the southern section along the stone steps down, you can reach the shadow of the cave. Hill is very steep, way line, willow Cecil stroked my face, along the murmuring stream. Yam Hill Street down the steps along the southern section of hundreds of steps, a small stone bridge Hengjia stream. This bridge is called the Yam Hill Bridge. Stream flow under the bridge, build a little one stopped, and the waters a little strong, plunged three, four feet, opening into one short ... View Detail

Bi dock Longtan

Located in the north Moganshan is Moganshan an important part of the national scenic area. Where old trees, gurgling springs, building cottages, mountain river surface. Jian shui bets from the gorge through rock, water Shiqing Li. Stone paths through the uplink, up to Longtan. Longtan both sides of the cliffs and waterfalls plunging down from the cliff top, in straight sets lake, nearly 20 meters high waterfall, Lake unfathomable, clear blue lake, the top right there is a stone, flat and ... View Detail