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Pan River rafting

Pan River rafting is a scenic area Jiangyou underwater launch of the white water adventure tourism, the flow meter has been developed 16 km from the Deng family was crossing the North River, beyond the lake Jiangyou perfume, process two and a half hours, all activities were rafting in the mountains and canyons carried out, the two sides are in the mountains about 2000 meters high, is the scarps are cliffs, coastal trees Kuteng, rocks and stones form a group of highly spectacular natural life ... View Detail

White Dragon Palace

White Dragon Palace is located 18 kilometers west of Jiangyou City, 56 km from Mianyang city, 185 kilometers away from Chengdu, Jiuzhaigou, Huanglong Temple is located on a tourist hotline. Legend of the East China Sea with the universe then ring us killed downtown White Dragon Ao C, after the vine by Taiyizhenren white pine bark with Shujin saved, the White Dragon will be making another dive into the underground palace of heaven soaring again attained after practice, leaving the white magic ... View Detail

Buddha Cave

Buddha Cave is located 14 kilometers northwest of Jiangyou, is the largest karst cave in northwest Sichuan. Here are connected Kuang Shan (also known as Dai Tianshan); under the reading place with Li Bai; east view of the fog, Chuan Ling; West, according to Ying Wah, Qian Yuan, which is leading to the Jiuzhaigou scenic area must pass through. Republic of twenty-three years, people in the sky-clear river found a squat three-meter tall stone Buddha image, hence the name "Buddha Cave." Buddha Cave ... View Detail

Luo Fu Shan

Luo Fu Shan scenic area is located within the County of Mianyang City, the mountains rising all year round moisture, the whole mountain as if floating in the clouds, so also known as Lau Fau Shan. When the Ming Dynasty, Luo Fu Shan Buddhism and Taoism in China to become a resort, by the Hajj. The ancient "Rover Wonderland", "Xiaoxitian", "A Ba," said. Rover by the Luo Fu Shan Mountain, Baishuihu, Longquan Temple 3 parts gravel, the famous scenic spots Luofu, Wen Jiang Shilin, the Seven Sages ... View Detail

Medicine King Valley

Medicine King Valley Resort is a Traditional Chinese Medicine of the first theme of the mountain health resort area, is 5.12 after the earthquake in Sichuan province';s first national AAAA level scenic spots by the new standard tourist attractions. Beichuan Qiang Autonomous County in Guangxi village Chakpori Raymond Township, the holiday total area of about 10 square kilometers. At present the main landscape magnolia flowers, four seasons flower medicine, Chinese medicine and cultural landscape ... View Detail