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God waterfall

Waterfall at the foot of God, Goddess, Pilgrimage south peak. Collapse down from the rain village on the village road, and then along the Myanmar Tsimshian five Alpine peaks and valleys between the walk to the depths, climbed over a ridge less prayer flags, in front of the arc show a broad valley, that God waterfall lies. Snow melting glaciers here in a waterfall, pouring down from the cliff, water Durian, if the sun every penetration, cloud transpiration, there rainbow. God has a high ... View Detail

Meili Snow Mountain

Meili Snow Mountain is located 10 kilometers north of Deqin County, Yunnan Jieshan is the famous "Sunshine Gold Mountain" must view so many yearn for backpackers. Thirteen peak of Meili Snow Mountain, Mount Kawagebo peak is a pyramid-shaped mountain, commonly known as "Snow Mountain of God", the "world';s most beautiful mountain" reputation, altitude 6740 meters, the highest peak in Yunnan, so far no such registration top. Meili Snow Mountain is a sacred pilgrimage of Tibetan Buddhism, the ... View Detail

Ice Lake

General glacial lake located in the peak of Meili Snow Mountain, elevation about 4200 meters. Snow Peak glacial lake was formed by melting snow together, small lake, the water was aquamarine. Deep glacial lake, Lake week filled with little pray for happiness and peace Mani Dui. Calm lake coupled with the blue sky, white clouds and peaks, and the scenery absolutely special. United climbers from base camp at forward along the mountain, walkOne and a half hour into the frozen lake. The entrance ... View Detail

Kawagebo peak

Kawagebo peak west of the town is located in Deqing county of peace and prosperity, is the pilgrimage to the Holy Land of Tibetan Buddhism, the highest mountain in the first eight Tibetan areas in the locality "He Loden in Pakistan," the appellation, is a pyramid-shaped mountain, Hailed as "the world';s most beautiful mountain," 6740 meters above sea level, is the highest peak in Yunnan Province, is "Three Parallel Rivers" one of the main landscape. Kawagebo peak never accept to encroach on ... View Detail


Mingyong in the peak of Meili Snow Mountain Pilgrimage. Meili Snow Mountain cirques, glaciers everywhere, including the longest glacier, Tibetan "never exactly clear." "Yong Ming" is a village under the glacier, the Ming Wing Village; "contact" is the meaning of glacial melt water. Ming Yong hills around the village, the climate mild. Mingyong for the low-latitude tropical monsoon modern maritime glacier, the Peak of snow and ice all year round. In which the snow line due to its low, the high ... View Detail

West when the spring

West, also known as Hot Springs "Reshuitang", located in the temple to the rain coming collapse of the mountain on the way, the legend here is the gift of God Kawagebo soup, for the upcoming pilgrimage and collapse into the rain out from the rain collapsed pay homage to the Ming Yong Chen Lao people wash away, can also cure diseases. Yong-Ming Yu is the collapse of Guru Padmasambhava in the Holy Land Pilgrimage important blessing over the place, many practitioners received generous here, where ... View Detail


Rain collapse is a village located in Deqin County, located in the back of Meili Snow Mountain. Village surrounded by mountains and surrounded by rain collapsed, because of its unique geographical environment, so sparsely populated, the village is only 20 a few households, only through a post road and the outside world. This is a wonderful beautiful place to walk during which people have a sense of Kuangshi Taoyuan. Yubeng divided village are of the village, the village can access to climb the ... View Detail

Flying Temple

Temple is located in Yunnan flying along the road 10 km away from the Deqin County, Meili Snow Mountain is the ideal location for viewing. Temple flying close to the road in the town was built, the Peak and the White Tower in addition to Taiwan, and Hong to stand for a view of the plains, the other side of the road there is no building. Down is the mountain slopes, and other mountain ranges around the phase out of a vast depth of approximately km basin, standing on the viewing platform, all ... View Detail

Deqin County

Deqin County, Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in northwest, north and the Tibetan mountains and rivers Chi Kang, West and Tibet Zogang County, Zayu County border; Weixi County, adjacent to the south; east Shangri-La County, and with the Batang County, Sichuan across the River. The total area of 7596 square kilometers the county, with an average altitude of 3559 meters, is the highest-lying county in Yunnan Province. Deqin County, the town has jurisdiction over 7 1 532 rural villages. ... View Detail

Heights in the Catholic Church

Catholic Church in the Lancang River Heights in the Heights in the Catholic Church, from the town of Deqing County, about 80 km of peace and prosperity, and Buddhism co-exist in the Diqing plateau, also has a devout Christian, every Saturday and Sunday, the village near the Heights in the Lisu, Tibetan , Han, Naxi';s followers, went to the church, chanting in Tibetan, so mass. Catholic Church buildings in the Heights is located in the wooded hillside at the back line of Castle Peak, in front ... View Detail