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Fairy Cave

Fairy Cave is one of famous scenic spots Lushan, located in the Jin Xiugu the southern end of "bergamot rock" the next. Cidong high, each about 10 meters deep. To the Qing, bergamot rock into a fairyland of Taoism, was renamed the Fairy Cave. Recesses of a cave dripping springs, called "a drop of spring." Wall with "Wonderland Yuye" and other stone inscriptions. The central hole "Shun Yeung Temple" built Dongbin statue, the legendary Sword of the Eight Immortals Immortals in this. When misty ... View Detail

Botanical garden

Botanical Garden is a famous mountain subtropical botanical garden, founded in 1934, an area of 3 square kilometers. Botanical Garden to study main shrubs, and tea, fruit, garden, medicinal plants. The park is not only a scientific research base, and for the beauty spot. Botanical Garden has collected more than 10 species of plant specimens at home and abroad, introduction and domestication of more than 3400 kinds. Known as the "living fossil" Metasequoia in China, breeding plants. Park in the ... View Detail

Yellow Dragon

According to legend, long, long time ago, the Huanglong valley, there are two rebellious Huanglong, Oolong always fighting, motivate the flash floods, the people can live and work around. Air Master wander to this post thoroughly, using magic to the town in two, respectively, Dragon Yellow Dragon, Oolong lake. Yellow Dragon deep, quiet, old trees shade the valleys, a stream wearing down around the Shi Lei, Silver Falls, the impact of the pit into a dark green. Sit-in puddles, listen to trail ... View Detail

Oolong Lake

According to legend, there Huanglong Huanglong valley, Oolong always fighting, surrounded by people unable to live and work. Air Master wander to this post thoroughly, using magic to the town in two, respectively, Dragon Yellow Dragon, Oolong lake. Oolong Tam has also engrave on the rock above the "Dragon" word. Oolong Tan Tan Yuan originally composed of three different sizes, ancient books and reads: "Own Lake Van Santan, medium and high scores on both the two Baizhang Lake, Lower Lake Yi ... View Detail

Utopia drift

Taohuaxi drift area in the beautiful scenery, off the beads Zhelin Kuril Lake, 1,100 meters above sea level valleys peach sharp peaks. Perennial stream winds from the hole under the peach, and sometimes through the thick forest, sometimes in stone in the walk through, wonderful, full of fallen flowers. Legend Taohua Xian Xi Shun child riding down the stone turtle, hence the name Taohuaxi. Many plants and animals within the scenic area, golden monkey, wild boar and other exotic animals often ... View Detail


Lushan Waterfall devaluation Sandiequan, known as the first landscape in the world Lushan. Local also has "less than Sandiequan, not Lushan off," said. Sandiequan in Wulaofeng, the waterfalls flowing through the cliff has three, sub-Triassic plunging down a stream, a total drop of 155 meters, it is spectacular. Interestingly, the history, Sandiequan had long been found, lived in it on the screen overlapping the source and in its downstream Bailudong Li Bai Zhu Xi';s lectures do not know right ... View Detail

Dan Menjian

Dan Menjian Lushan Waterfall is the first entry of many waterfalls in the annals. Two thousand years ago, "Han geography" in there reads: "Que Lushan double southwest, stand like a wall than a thousand yards, a waterfall Cunyan." Dan Menjian face Fengya, every stream Kei Li, form a dangerous risk Que. Narrowest point of the "little stone", Liangya a seam between the remaining, visitors enter the "gate" to be sideways to pass. Yu Gu, the gaoya hanging waterfall flows into a deep valley into ... View Detail