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Red Eagle';s Nest, from Longyan City, 30 km border with Zhangping Yongfu, 1412 meters above sea level. Formerly known as Temple Mount, was due to fill the fields of flowers, tip through the top, changed his name to the Red Eagle';s Nest.
Red Eagle';s Nest on North Korea to see the sunrise, evening sunset view, sea of clouds and fog in the mountains year round rain, quite spectacular. Huakaibubai throughout the year, in April the cuckoo, July wild bayberry, October azaleas. The best view is in winter, temperatures often around 20 degrees Celsius, fog proneSong wonders. Mist shrouded mountains, the breeze blowing, floating droplets hit the branches, rocks, roofs, condenses into ice particles, layer upon layer, they formed a "one thousand Qiong Yu," "trees and flowers" Rime wonders. Rime formed, cast house like carpet, like the earth covered with white blankets, rocks into diamonds in the rough, dry twigs turned into coral bushes blooming flowers, and then by sunlight, colorful, gorgeous charming, the formation of a white as silver of the world, the suspect is fairy tale situation.

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& Nbsp; Red Eagle';s Nest, North Korea to see the sunrise, evening sunset view, the perennial sea of clouds, fog, rain was very spectacular, year round Huakaibubai winter there is often wonders rime.