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Of Reservoir

Located in the East River in the Buddha Pei Zhen, 17 kilometers away from the Huoshan County, dam 510 meters long from 20 pile composed of 21 arches, said the arch dam. Crest elevation of 129.96 meters, height of 74.8 m, top width of 1.8 meters, is China';s current international advanced level with a large arch dam, the dam was also the first in Asia. View Detail

Long River Reservoir

Located in the western Shucheng r. Town, 25 km from the county seat, Hangbu River. November 1958 start, is stopped after the resume construction, completed in October 1969 for the artificial dam was the only large reservoir, dam 600 meters long, several times higher crest, is 75.4 meters, the artificial lake area of 50 square kilometers, the lake open, in which dozens of small islands scattered, many waterfowl in this habitat. View Detail

Mozitan Reservoir

Located 25 km south county Huoshan hinterland of the Dabie Mountains, built in 1958, and of Reservoir one last look. Shuangdun hollow gravity dam dam for the structure, 330 meters long, 82 meters high, mountainous lake staggered, Shanqing water green, there are pig Hill, ring ditches, dresser and other attractions. View Detail

Reservoir area Xianghongdian

Pi at the West River, a major scenic Xianghongdian Reservoir, Qi Shan, Lin Fa Shan and other places. Xianghongdian Reservoir: Reservoir is located in Xianghongdian Xianghongdian driving in the town of West Pi Wan River, dam type for the radius of the concentric circles of concrete gravity dam, dam height 875 m, 304 m arc, Wang Chen in the hills of the sea of clouds , the reservoir area more navigable mileage of 20 km Yanbohaomiao, clear water and thousands of miles, cross mountain peak, known ... View Detail

Red Dan Gujing District

Red Rock Valley Scenic Area, located in the Dabie Mountain, Luan Jinzhai County. Scenic area of 60 square kilometers, Xianghongdian momentum of the reservoir (reservoir in the first five ranks of West Anhui) sits within the area. Area, a set of eco-tourism, water sports and tourist resort, tea culture as a whole. Red Rock Valley area by the national geological parks, general leisure and tourism resort on the lake and the tea Tea Product Tour consists of three parts. Redstone Valley National ... View Detail

Ten Thousand Buddhas Lake Scenic Area

Ten Thousand Buddhas for the National Water Lake Scenic Area Scenic Area, located southwest of the city Shucheng, less than 80 kilometers from the provincial capital of Hefei. Dragon River Reservoir is the main body, south of Ten Thousand Buddhas Mountain, Hot Springs east of Ten Thousand Buddhas (West Tangchi spring), mountains and rivers, trees owned flower clusters, known as "the provincial capital after the garden." There are million Foshan, poke Lake, poke hot springs and other attractions ... View Detail

Forest Park Palgongsan

Palgongsan Hill Mausoleum, also known as Fei River, a provincial forest park, the ancient city north of Shouchun 2 km, with 11 peaks connected with a total area of 10 square kilometers, the peak elevation of 241.2 meters. Palgongsan mountain is not high, but are around 20 meters average elevation of the plains, the Bagong Mountain Peaks showing the tall, majestic. "The mountains are not high, but the immortal name." According to legend, King of Huainan, Liu An attraction in the mountain eight ... View Detail

Dabie Mountains (Luan) National Geological Park

Dabie Mountains (Luan) National Geological Park runs through eastern China, located in Hubei, Henan and Anhui provinces at the junction of what the Dabie pulse stretching about 380 km north-south width of 175 km, as a natural barrier, the two major river systems of the Yangtze River and Huaihe River watershed. Dabie Mountain (Lu';an) National Geopark in Anhui Province in the west, west Henan, and Hubei at the junction of the South. Dabie Mountains (Luan) wider range of geological park, the ... View Detail