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Wu Shan provincial-level forest park is located Northwest of suichang, apart from the town 60 kilometers, East white horse Hill, West Hill, Kowloon, and the junction of Quzhou city in the Northwest-see 1 km, 26 km North and South, 56,416 hectares, the water area of 20,000 hectares, forest cover in the territory of 84%, the annual average temperature of 155-171. Wuxijiang reservoir of scenic spot, forest scenes and landscape blend with each other, have "a long Baier Bay Water" weeks of public source, "the small Three Gorges" reputation of Simon Gorge, Taiwan gap, Tianmen gap, Pearl, Ying-Xia Wu Shan Beach attractions such as hot springs and Coke Dushan King of historical and cultural reserve and the entrance of the Red Army into divisions revolution Museum.