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East and West Rocks scenic spot Located within the territory of Chongyi town in the northwest of Lishui city proper with a distance of twenty kilometers from Lishui, East and West Rocks scenic spot got its name from the two rocks standing facing each other with one in the east and the other in the west. There are places of natural beauty and uniquely-shaped rocks and caves all over the scenic spot, which are extremely thrilling and spectacular. They are stone beam, Yuzeng cave, whelk cave, water curtain cave and Pudi tiger waterfall etc.. Others are red stone building (east rock), cross gorge, Zhuobi peak, sun and moon pond, Dongming cave, ox nose cave, general stone, peach flower cave, sword stone, west rock, Ximing cave, Chuanshen cave and so on. In the seven-peak scenic spot, there are golden monkey mouth, tortoise rock and couple cave etc.. The entire scenic spot is densely covered by deep gorges, grotesque caves and craggy rocks. The incessantly-rilling Huji stream and big-mirror-like Liukeng reservoir as well as the two "man-made" lakes in East Yannong and West Yannong together make a perfect combination of green mountains and clear waters. The scenic spot is covered by over twenty kinds of arbor and shrub, such as pine, fur, bamboo, maple, Chinese photinia, tea-oil tree and so on. The clusters of lily and mountain orchid on the steepy cliff add elegance and prettiness to the superb mountains and peaks. Under the glow of the setting sun, the chain of mountains rings with melodious folk songs, which intoxicates and possesses people with admiration. It ranked as a scenic spot at provincial level in 1985.