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Baimashan forest park is located in the west of Suichang county Zhejiang province with a total area of 16,212 hectares. It is sixty kilometers away from Longyou railway station of the Zhegan main railroad line and has an over-three-hour ride to the city proper of Hangzhou. The park has an agreeable climate and superior ecological environment. According to the investigation, eleven kinds of plants in the park, including the southern red bean fur, long-leaf torreya, Chinese tulip tree, fragrant fruit tree, the bark of official concave-leaf magnolia and so on, fall into the category of plants protected at national level. There are 23 kinds of wild animals protected at national level, such as black muntjac, leopard, yellow-abdomen tragopan, white-neck pheasant with long tail, black bear, macaque and little civet cat etc..