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Turbulent hot mouth

Turbulent spring water temperature 29 degrees port to 33 degrees Celsius, is a colorless, odorless, slightly astringent, and transparent re-carbonated low-salinity water, in addition to the conventional group with exceptionally, also contains radon, trace elements cobalt, copper, lead, zinc, chromium. Turbulent natural mineral water port to "Sr, silicic acid, carbonic acid compound precious drinking natural mineral water" baths or drinking on the human body has a significant role in health ... View Detail

Castle Lake

Lakes region of 240 species of wild animals live there Elliot';s pheasant, white stork, black stork, ducks and so on. North Lake 100 million square meters more water the rare forest, is the 20th century, 60 years, from the United States citedCedar species into a group pool. Trees in the water a long boat middle in the forest, the birds in the branches Wong, Bank of China in art, visit the Castle Lake is fun. Location of Castle Lake Located in the western suburbs of Hangzhou Lin';an City ... View Detail