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Long Mountain Top

Dragon Hill is located in the top of Pioneer Road, Liaoyang City Hongwei District No. 36, located south of Liaoyang City. Dragon Mountain Top is built within 15 miles of Huanshan long, and small meeting rooms, game rooms and other facilities. Hill has a "bell Kurau", an old bell hanging inside the building. The highest peak in the Long Mountain Top pavilion built an octagonal eaves, up the stairs in the booth overlooking the city of Liaoyang. Long beacon mountain top site in the site based on ... View Detail

Nuclear partner channel

Channel partners in the nuclear Liaoyang County, Liaoyang City, Zhen Han territory, and Benxi adjacent 54 kilometers away from the city of Liaoyang. The total area of nuclear partnership Scenic Zone 7.97 square kilometers, with flames ditch, West Gully, Gully spent three scenic, steep mountains, steep peak of urgency, the highest altitude of 806.8 meters. Scenic area rich in flora and fauna, mountains and beautiful scenery. Every year, many artists and art lovers here sketch painting, the ... View Detail


Shenwo Gongchangling District in Liaoyang City, Nansha street, Anping Township, Village, located in Liaoyang County, Lighthouse County and Gongchangling District at the junction of Prince Edward River main stream, and Liaoning Province is one of the large reservoirs. Shenwo reservoir was built in 1973, 40 km from the city of Liaoyang. Participation dam of the magnificent, vast and boundless water, beautiful natural landscape, the landscape different seasons. Shenwo Reservoir Scenic Area ... View Detail

Cave Forest Park

Cave Forest Park Avenue in China, Liaoyang City 5 dawn of the advance within the village, located 9 km southeast of Prince Edward Urban River area. The scenic Mount Tabor by large, gold mountain, double-stack Mountain, Cave ditch, trench cave wolf, stone ditch composition. Cave Forest Park in the rolling hills, dense forests, peaks are nearly the size of blocks. Wei-Son, West peak 303.4 m above sea level, the Peak strange Shi Zhengrong. Block the top of the southern gold beautiful scenery, and ... View Detail

Prince Creek

River Scenic Area is located in Prince Edward Street, Liaoyang City, China 5, located east of Prince Edward River. Prince Edward River Scenic West connected with the city, the East Village and east across the north from the north post Zhaqiao, diffuse water bridge south length of 3260 meters. Prince Edward flowers and trees planted along the scenic river, green is good. Construction of a tourist scenic plaza, paved Road, 3400 meters, also has a different shape of the viewing pavilion, and ... View Detail

Tanghe Scenic Area

Tanghe Scenic Area is located in Liaoyang City Gongchangling Liuhe Road, located in Liaoyang city from Anping Township, 35 kilometers southeast of the territory from the Tanghe River 15 km, built in Baishishan and Pier foot of the mountain. Tanghe Scenic Area for the state 2A class tourist attractions. Reflected in the water where the mountainous cliffs, caves, pines, reservoir dams, Baishishan Tiger peak serenely beautiful scenery and other attractions. Traffic Liaoyang City Terminal take ... View Detail

White Pagoda Park

Liaoyang White Pagoda Park is located in Station Street, some 60 Chinese, was founded in 1908, covers an area of 8 hectares. White Pagoda Park has historic tours, flower shows, children';s games, watch the animals and other four resort. Monuments and tourist areas of the White Tower was built in the Liao Dynasty, the first tower for the Northeast, ranked one of six towers, a national key cultural relics protection units. Enjoy the flowers from the greenhouse and garden area consisting of "Kwan ... View Detail

Hot and cold in the park

Hot and cold in the park is located in Anping Gongchangling District Liaoyang City, Village, Township, aunts, located in the foothills of the white Lizi for national 2A level tourist attractions. Hot and cold in the upper and lower area 20 meters wide from north to south about 500 meters. Hot and cold temperatures and seasonal contrast here is quite amazing: in the hot summer icicles jade, Hanqixiren, the surface temperature of -4 or so; cold winter here, no accumulation of snow and ice, heat ... View Detail

Liaoyang White Pagoda

Liaoyang White Pagoda in Liaoyang City, China Street, a station 60, stand in the Liaoyang City, the White Pagoda Park, Bei Yu. White Tower tower for the Northeast, ranked one of six towers, is a national key cultural relics protection units. Liaoyang White Pagoda ancient powerful, built in Liao and Jin periods. Experience on behalf of the repairs remains the Early Period of the style. Baita formerly known Guangyou Si Pagoda, because the tower painted chalk, commonly known as "White Tower." ... View Detail

Tokyo Ling

Tokyo Prince Edward Ling River District in Liaoyang City, Tokyo Tokyo Ling Ling rural village, the provincial cultural relics protection units. Tokyo tomb in the Qing Dynasty during the Liaoning-Shenyang Jianye ancestors once a royal ancestral tomb, the Qing government in the history of the development of great significance. Liaoyang Nuerhachi moved the capital after nine years in the post gold Destiny (1624) to his grandfather, brother, son, more than ten people moved to the tomb from the ... View Detail