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Six dong (underground river)

Do not try this hole is not where the boat of interest. People in the cave, ship water, water with the hole transfer, King moved with the boat, such as the beautiful Wuling, such as underwater adventure. Ten well-known in the snow dome Chung Ling Xue Zhong, exquisitely carved, crystal snow, 2.8 meters high, 1.4 meters in diameter, the top ice milk stone and the dome-shaped connection, it is rare treasures. Holes to climb all the way up the course, quite tame. Climbed out of the hole so that ... View Detail

Lan Yin Shan

Eastern foot of a blue shade Hill Road, Northwest has direct mountain road. Blue shade the west side of Temple, was built in the Yuan Dade period (1297-1307). Surrounded by ancient trees, is known to produce blue. Here Ya Shi Zhengrong, diameter Triton quiet, spring Dicui, beautiful environment. Temple side of the Cliff "deep blue shade," the word vigorous and effective, such as the potential to go swimming dragon snake, Ming Chuan Wuzong Yubi. "Lan Yin Chun Fu" is one of the eight Lanxi, Ming ... View Detail

Zhuge Bagua Village

Zhuge Village of existing well-preserved, large courtroom Ming Dynasty, the prime minister ancestral temple and other attractions. Zhuge village of houses, ancient buildings were built in the Ming Qing Dynasty, carved beams, simple and elegant; Bagua Zhen-style arrangement of unpredictable, mysterious infinity, as a national key cultural relics protection units. The overall structure of the village Zhuge Liang Zhuge 27 on behalf of the American big lion design layout by Nine-palace gossip, and ... View Detail

Changle Village (Changle blessed)

According to legend, "Changle," the name from the emperor. Formerly known as the pit village, Yuan Dynasty, the emperor attack Zhejiang, led his army pass through the pit village, and will lay more than a month. Seeing he was honest and kind to the villagers, eager to farming, people enjoyable, so sincerely lamented: "The real fun of the village is also often!" Then, "always happy" to spread the name, and finally evolved into "Changle." Here retained the more than 100 fine from the Yuan to the ... View Detail

China Orchid Village

Lanxi contains about began in earnest in the history of flower Peilan Tang and Ming and Qing Dynasties, things were much more vigorous Lanxi Lan, Ming Emperor Zhu Hou Ching Tak Yin Yu Lan problem according to the "deep blue shade" Cliff; reform and opening, in turn orchids as Lanxi "Lanxi city flower," the national authority was named "China Orchid." The major facilities in the village of orchids: Orchid Court, 118, 5 bonsai garden, orchids history museum, the Chinese species of orchid garden, ... View Detail

Roof Report

Report rooftop 9 meters high, surrounded by red stone Leiqi article. 44 roundabout and on the steps, bluestone pillar of China board and look floral decoration in relief and openwork. Taichung building has three bays, a 100 square meters area Diange. Dianding wing angle Qi Qiao, magnificent, the internal angle of beam delivery for the Southern Ming Dynasty, one of the typical construction. Diange positive bluestone pillar couplets saying: "dicey Toru away days, often makes loyalty through ... View Detail

Chicago Yancun buildings

Yancun Chicago, was founded in the Southern Song Dynasty years, dating back over 800 years of history. To village in Chicago River, weir, old friends were Chi Village. Jiande, Lanxi, and this is the junction of the ancient village, once the ancient State of Yan Jinhua Road to a post, prosperous moment. Since then, and change the fate of all traffic the same village as roads through the trail annihilation, Chi weir became quiet. And because of this silence, the ancient building was completely ... View Detail

Cao Juren Hometown

Heritage Meixi sources have ambiguous. Meixi ancient name of the source the yellow Maoshan, because yellow Maoshan as "Song Qian Yu Mei Shang implementation of the Habitat II Li Li Yan", so to commemorate the anti-Ming Chen Mei Jin Li and that the Executive Meixi. Referred to the Meixi today, refers to "a town of Tonghua Meixi the basin of it." A positive source Meixi Thunder Mountain, the West two miles to the public from the hilltops of the cliff. Longmen in the "City" of the northeast corner ... View Detail

Wong Tai Sin Hometown

Huang Bei Yu Pen River Village in Lanxi City, east of the Wong Tai Sin mountain, west of Blue River, as Jin Ge Hong';s "Supernatural Biography" records "Chishi into sheep" of the gods - Huang Chu-ping place of birth. Tin Kwai village level, historic houses scattered. Shepherd Road is still left, highly profitable Road, Wong Tai Sin House, Erxian wells sites. Immortals Well, according to "Guang Xu Lanxi County" contains, according to legend as "Jin Huang Chu-ping brothers cut, taste very sweet ... View Detail

Mustard Seed Garden

Mustard Seed Garden, covering 10.5 acres, built pavilions, fish ponds built a bridge, planting flowers and trees are rare. This park is small, but well-designed, cleverly arranged, so small in the big, quiet music in See, See Ya Cuba, do not have hills and gullies. Recreation In the meantime, made a lengthy Guth, pregnant yo ancients, who encourage self-energy motivational and inspiring. Currently, the Mustard Seed Garden is stepping up construction of the second phase. Li Yu (1610-1680) the ... View Detail