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Langfang City Cultural Arts Center

Cultural Arts Center occupies 660 acres, mainly from 5 parts: Dream Lake (120 acres of water + Grand Theatre), educational water park, natural circulation Park, Art Park (famous calligraphy Avenue, wisdom, saying Boulevard). View Detail

Langfang Nature Park

In the urban northwest corner, east to west, 3,000 meters, 3,000 meters from north to south, irregular band, with a total planning area of 1500 acres, 1040 acres of woodland. Forest land more than 90% forest coverage, Lin Guanyu 0.8 degrees closed. 40 species inhabit the forest for tens of thousands of wild birds. Nature Park to the original forest as the main attractions landscape configuration. One new area of artificial lake dug 100 acres, the other, officials with crystal spring, spring ... View Detail

Sanhe City People';s Park

Located in the bustling urban center, the west side of River Bridge meters to the north of Taoyuan community, the community west of the sun, east to welcome Road, south to the Great Wall Rubber apartment. The total area of 520 acres, of which 210 acres of water area (150 acres of river, lake of 60 acres), 220 acres of green space, roads, squares and other facilities in an area of 90 acres. Modern gardens throughout the park main rivers compatible customs, historical monuments, is a modern, ... View Detail

Welcome Plaza

Economic and Technological Development Zone in Langfang City, Yunpeng Road south, west of entrepreneurial way. An area of 18,000 square meters. Place the center has a large sculpture of "Fei daily," like the sun sculpture center, south and west sides of flakes composed of three beams, like sailing, like flying wing, and as a giant fly Ukraine, Italy Apartments in Beijing, Langfang between the hinterland of Tianjin, Hebei, Beijing, Tianjin and three giant bird symbol of mutual support, mutual ... View Detail

Reed marshes off the mattress

Anci District, located off the mattress town, low-lying areas south r.. Dongzhang service from north of the village stretches west from the Shiji Li, the two sides in recent kilometers from the depression in the terrain assessment volt punch with uncertainty, into a piece of reed into pieces all over the depressions. From the east coast at first glance, vast expanse of whiteness, fog Tide, water fluctuations, oscillating reed, wild birds Feiming, lake island with the lake beach. Topol whirling ... View Detail

Kitano smoke Lin

An Inland Revenue in the rural sub-Yang, Jun Lu Village, Ma Village where lush forests, from the drop-matched, stretching more than twenty years. Blooming in early spring when the peach, floral drunk, the new shade Zade, smoke light Yao Ai, such as Jiannan poem: vista. View Detail

Langfang Prairie

Home is located in Langfang City, Hui-made pipe Township, Yongqing County, under the jurisdiction of the Yongding River Loop, the lush summer weeds, Mongolia, horse riding and other activities, food, accommodation roasted whole lamb is rich in grassland characteristics, experience in the North China plains prairie style, do not have some flavor. View Detail

Three Rivers Grand Canyon

Mountain Grand Canyon is located northeast of Three Rivers, face bowed Ridge, the East Pass to Fukuyama, in a valley two kilometers long, cliffs, such as cutting, gully horizon, towering rock formations. Longtan Valley: Due to the trench has Longtan, Longtan Valley locals call it, here from west to east, Santan totally natural, no slightest trace of artificial polish, Santan Santan especially among the most beautiful, the area about 30 square meters, puddle of clear water, Shen You ... View Detail

Menon depression

Located in Beijing, Tianjin, Baoding, Cangzhou, Langfang center, the county covers an area of 1028 square kilometers. Wide, clear like a jade belt around the Haihe River in northern counties, the wet season, little white sail on the river, cross under the East down the river mist Yan Liu direct Tianjin, upstream and Baiyangdian together as one. Man On the eastern, low-lying, Su said, Higashi-Yodogawa, Hebei Province, one of the eight Wadian. View Detail

Forest Wenan mu

ANALYSIS of the afforestation area has reached 25 million mu. To fully utilize the advantage of rich forestry resources, farms and other places around the world build an ecological demonstration zone forestry economy. As of now the trees as the basis, through the adoption of animal husbandry, wild breeding, special breeding, grass intercropping, Forest Medicine intercropping, vigorously develop tourism and leisure, sightseeing tours and other economic projects. Now the area';s first phase has ... View Detail