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Muge Cuo (Savage Sea)

Mu Gecuo Chinese name Savage Sea, also known as the sea son, is the largest alpine lake in Northwest one. Water area of nearly 4 square kilometers, the water depth over 70 meters, 3,700 meters above sea level. Because water comes from melting mountain snow behind the Goddess of water, so visibility is high, usually 6-10 meters. Mu Gecuo surrounded by mountains, forests, grasslands surrounded, the Red Sea, Black Sea, White Sea, and dozens of Xiaohaizi all around her, like Zhongxingpengyue. ... View Detail

Rainbow Sea

Rainbow Sea 2600 meters above sea level, is a blend of the plateau hot spring water and lakes. Showed a crescent-shaped lake, an area of about 20 hectares, more than 20 meters depth, surrounded by forest, meadow, surrounded by elegant quiet, the water clear, sunny weather with the water color change was seven colors, seven colors sea consequent name. The early morning calm like a mirror bright surface of the lake, reflecting the blue sky, white clouds, mountains and snow; West Ramp evening ... View Detail