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Hada Creek Scenic Area

Hada Creek area north of the territory in Jidong County Hada village, Xinhua Township, rural agriculture through the junction from the center of Jidong County Jixi City and 30 km. The reservoir as the main area to the mountains for the background, filling the lakes and mountains, for the state 2A class tourist attractions. Hada River Scenic Area is divided into eight scenic spots for lying hump, cliffs bay, group san, platform mountain range of yin and yang fish, fishing and downstream service ... View Detail

Lotus bubble Scenic

Lotus bubble Scenic Area is located within the Xingkai Jixi Mishan River. Mishan the west side of the mountains of the port door and the monument of General Wang Zhen, east of the reeds and grass, the south is the boundless expanse of blue in the Xingkai. Melt the whole area of flowers, grass, trees, wood, water, birds and other scenery as a whole, is a local tourist attraction. View Detail

Ussuri River National Forest Park

Ussuri River National Forest Park is located in the Sino-Russian border river - left bank of the Ussuri River, 65 km away from the Hulin. Park has a total area of 25,069 hectares. Ussuri River is a beautiful, forest landscape, historical monuments as one of the multi-functional eco-forest park. Ussuri River National Forest Park, a blue vastness of the Ussuri River, a must for acres called the North Hawthorn - yueyahu, dense forests; there was built in the Qing Dynasty Yongzheng, so far the ... View Detail


Xingkai located 40 kilometers southeast of Mishan City on the border between China and Russia, is an ancient volcanic eruption, the result of the fall of the terrain the line into the water. It is the largest freshwater lake in Northeast China, "Xingkai" is full of language, meaning the flow of water from a height sunken areas. The lake slightly elliptical area of 4380 square kilometers, a total of nine rivers flow into the lake from the northeast of the overflow, and finally into the Ussuri ... View Detail


Yueyahu Jixi Hulin City in the northeast of the town 18 kilometers away from the tiger, as "grassland reserve." Yueyahu crescent shape of a hook, hence the name. Protected areas covering seventy-seven thousand acres, of which about five thousand acres of lake, east tip of the lake there is a trickle slowly closely linked with the Ussuri River. Yueyahu Good Nature Reserve, the growth of a variety of plants and habitat for many wild animals. Lake area as a full moon surrounded by yueyahu, ... View Detail

Treasure Island

Treasure Island in the Ussuri River Chinese side of the centerline of the main channel, under the jurisdiction of Hulin City, an area of only 0.74 square kilometers. Since the middle of the island shape pointed at both ends wide, resembles a gold ingot, so hence the name of Treasure Island. The Soviet Union 30 years ago, the famous battle - Treasure Island self-defense war to end our victory to defend the territory of the motherland. Traffic </ Span> By train or car from Jixi to Hulin. ... View Detail

Unicorn Mountain

Unicorn Mountain is located in agriculture through the town of Jidong County in Heilongjiang Province, west of State Road 201, Unicorn Hill in charge at the west at 7.5 km from the city center is about 42 km Jixi, beautiful and charming natural landscape, steep mountains, quiet lakes, is Jixi tourist destination. Unicorn into the mountain, the road along the winding road, to reach the Kylin Villa, across the mountain peaks is the unicorn. This mountain seems to Kirin';s Tau Kok North Peak, ... View Detail

Great Northern Wilderness calligraphy art gallery

Mishan calligraphy art gallery from the Great Northern Wilderness northeast 14 km, 100 km away from Jixi. Tourist area of 4 hectares, is open every year in May -10 May, traffic for the gravel road, 10 km away from the Fang Hugong road. Great Northern Wilderness calligraphy art gallery was founded in 1985 by the Forest of Stone Tablets, Beilang and is located in the mountains formed from the stone, set of modern writers, calligraphers Ding Ling, Ai Qing, Qi Gong, the culmination of masterpieces ... View Detail

Japanese invasion of China tiger fort ruins museum

Japanese invasion of China tiger fort site museum is located in northwest town of Jixi tiger Hulin City, located in the Ussuri River at the foot of the tiger Higashiyama, and Russia across the River. Side (positive) Hu (Lin) Road and Tiger (Lin) around the (River) where the provincial highway in the intersection, the town 2 km north of tiger, 65 km from the city center Hulin. Japanese invasion of China tiger fort site museum is to show evidence of the crime and the Japanese invaders of World ... View Detail

Tiger temple

Tiger tiger temple is located in the village just south of Jixi Hulin, Ussuri River left bank, Yishanbangshui. Tiger temple was built Yongzheng, the temple not large, but in most East China, known as the "First Temple of the East", is now a provincial heritage conservation units. Tiger temple steps west of Stone toil 84 to reach the mountain top Miaohou. Temple of the wooden building, surrounded by flower wall, black tiles cover the temple roof, eaves and fly angle brackets staggered. ... View Detail