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Wulong ski

Has a "ski city" reputation. Located in the southeast of Taiyuan, Yuci the northwest at the junction of Brick Town Jinshan Wu Tseng, covering 100 acres. The total investment of 12.9 million yuan ski, project carried out in two phases, one has achieved water, electricity, road links and the cool pool, underground pipelines and office facilities, marketing network. Opened the 400-meter, 6 degrees -10 degrees a junior ski, fun ski a, Draggling three cable. Motorcycle Road and open up a snow scene ... View Detail

Big Zhai

The last century, sixties and seventies, big Zhai was the National Agricultural banner. Dazhai, against self-reliance, hard-working spirit, with its heroism Zhantiandoude miracle created the world, famous, there were many party and state leaders and more than 130 countries all over the world to visit friends. Today';s Dazhai, great protection and use of the unique cultural and natural landscape, and reasonable development and construction of Tiger Mountain Forest Park, chargeTo play a ... View Detail

Jiexiu Mianshan

Mianshan also known as medium mountain, located in the southeast of Jiexiu City, 20 kilometers away from the city, is Taiyue Mountains, home Jiexiu, Lingshi, Qinyuan junction of three counties, stretches over 50 kilometers, meters above sea level 2O72. Mianshan steep, multi-cliff, pines and cypresses, the natural scenery is very beautiful, is the mother of martyrs Jin Ming Chen Jie hold a place, but also a financial natural landscape and Buddhist culture as one of the scenic spots. Mainly by ... View Detail

Fangshan Guo Forest Park

Located in Forest Park in Shanxi Fangshan Guo Shou, the Park has a total area of about 3580 hectares, an area of about 1,156 ha area, the main peak resembles the "bat" wings, known as "Bat God", altitude 1532 meters, the peak flat was "square." Area of 28,000 square meters, in the north of the rare mountain, called "God Ping Golden Summit", so that "God bat side mountains." Fangshan Guo Forest Park Mountain Sau dense forest coverage rate up to 82.7%. To pineBased, mixed with maple, elm, locust ... View Detail

Cis Yunlongshan

West of the county is Yunlongshan, the main peak is 1,548 meters above sea level Ferris Nao, like the leading high drag Silk winding a clock, two Zhangshui steam cloud Xia Wei, exactly like the Dragon in the cloud, hence the name Yunlongshan. Yunlongshan different natural beauty, ancient magistrate, to county politicians and many scholars have documented. Ting Qiu Qing magistrate dissolved in the "rehabilitation Yunlongshan tablets" in On the Road: "This year the board Yunlongshan who are ... View Detail

Longquan Mountain Forest Park

Forest Park, Longquan Town, Xin-bit ten northern suburbs, the park covers an area of 5,000 acres, plans to build nine functional areas, 30 attractions, is the outing spot, climbing Huaiyuan a good place. Castle Hill Show for many years here, four flowers, 1943 Administrative Office of the Commissioner of the Chiang Ching-kuo of Gannan in the summer for three months, and in view of the Longquan Road, handwritten "OK Yi Mountain" character plaque. View the Longevity Palace Road, Longquan, is ... View Detail

Gypsum Hill

Shanxi is located about 35 kilometers southeast of Lingshi County, 185 kilometers south of Taiyuan. Gypsum Hill are Taiyue Mountains, 2532 meters above sea level, and Jiexiu Mianshan, Qinyuan Ling empty mountains separate categories. Scenic total area of about 60 square kilometers, the tour has been developed area of about 6 square kilometers. Tour Guide: Along the winding mountain road, to cast down the mountain along the Gully water, we saw towering mountain, saith not see the summit. ... View Detail

Jinshan Wu

Jinshan Wu is the western margin of the Taihang Mountains, located 17 km north Yuci, 22 kilometers east of Taiyuan. Jinshan by the Ukraine (also known as Longwangshan), Dahongshan, Purple Mountain, Forest Hill, 25 in the mountains and the composition of Pearl Lake. The total area of 5.5 hectares, the forest area of 3.1 hectares, the forest coverage of 80% or more. Jinshan Wu beautiful natural scenery unique within the hills, ravines aspect, storied coverage, lush, in fact, the Loess Plateau ... View Detail

White Pagoda Temple boundless

Taigu county located in the southwest corner, known as White Pagoda Temple, South Temple. White Pagoda Temple was built there, so the name of the village life to the tower, is the county seat of the Northern Zhou Dynasty Yangyi. Eighteen years Suikai Huang (598) Taigu renamed the old town to town since Yangyi. Temple was founded in the Western Jin Taishi eight words (272), between the North Song Zhiping P Tsz Temple renamed. Ming and Qing dynasties were repaired. Three years of the Qing dynasty ... View Detail

Zhang castle wall

Located 10 km southeast of Jiexiu City Dragon Wall Township village, backed by Mianshan, face green, altitude 1040 meters, 1300 meters weekly circular area of about 12 million square meters. Plateau potential along the entire castle built high in the south than the north. Looking down from the North Fort, left, center and right have a deep groove down the extension. Underground tunnels around the castle, and Baonei accessible. Typical for the three-dimensional, high-rise is only about 1 m ... View Detail