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Novel three-Wan Park

Novel three-county Bay Park-bit central area, Jiangxi Province is the first theme of red tourism project, covering 8.9 million square meters, the park red, green, ancient pavilions, both newly built memorial He Zizhen, General Sculpture Square Three major historical events such as Bay of adaptation relief corridor, there are pavilions antique bridge; both Smart stream, there are towering old trees and Jessica grass, green area of 43,000 square meters, greening rate 71%, full of vigor and ... View Detail

Egret Island College

Egret Island is located east of the Gan River Kat among the urban areas, long 1.5 km wide and 0.5 km, is a spindle oasis mix the sediment deposited by the river formed the shape of egrets, Chau Lam Xiuzhu such as shade cover, a habitat of birds. Green water rolling river, fish roaming, to provide a rich diets of birds, many birds, so Chau, flocks of egrets. Former name of Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai of the "three mountains, blue sky a half off, the dihydrate carve Egret," a poem and name it. As ... View Detail

White Narcissus

EXECUTIVE Suichuan County south, the territory of the beautiful natural scenery and rich cultural landscape. White narcissus, spring river, three scenic lakes embraced soup, together into one, an area of 65 square kilometers. Another about 300 meters from the front of the temple in the mountains, there is a 5 "Yuye waterfall", of various shapes for each level. Below the lowest level, there is a width of 3 meters, 6.7 meters deep pots hanging stone embedded in the steep, the shape of Fuzao, in ... View Detail

The original Green Mountain

Original Green Mountain is located in Jian Township, south east of the river environment. Original Green Mountain is 320 meters above sea level, the mountainous stretch of 10 kilometers, the mountain ridges of old trees, wonderful fragrance, Biquan Verde, each with fun, lake, spring, river, a total of more than 30 Gap, spray snow, Tiger, pearl, water Triassic and other waterfalls, and diarrhea in the jungle among the mountain climbing days, Hibiscus, Jade, canopy Peaks, towering tall and ... View Detail


In Luoxiaoshanmo North, Jiangxi West, across the Luxi County, Pingxiang City, Jian Anfu County, Yichun City Yuanzhou district three, is the main characteristics of natural scenery scenic mountain, but also for the state AAAA level scenic spots. Scenic area of 360 square kilometers, about 150 km, most of the Jiangxi Province, the west, extending from southwest to Hunan Jiangxi Yichun Chaling. Mainly by granite, gneiss composition, 1000 to 1500 meters above sea level, the main peak Baihe Feng ... View Detail

Hill Jade trunk

Ji';an city located seventy kilometers north of the territory at the Xiajiang, Wu Li Gan River in the east coast. It is rolling, roots Pan Barry, from ancient times to peak odd, strange stone, hole differences, the four characteristics of good water, known to the world. Quiet environment makes it the destination of Taoism, Taoism known as the "Seventeenth Cave", "the eighth blessed." Yu-trunk Hill, formerly known as Group E. Sun, Han An Dinan Tour this point, see Yu-boxes such as the trunk, ... View Detail

Jian Xiu Memorial

Memorial Hall is located in the city of Ouyang Xiu Yan Yongfeng Jiang River Park Yong-great-uncle, with a total area of 40 acres. The Museum of the garden-style antique buildings, the government now has a prime minister, Ming Court, caused Tin Court, Drunkard Pavilion, six a pavilion, to the hi Pavilion and the "Long River Gang Qian table" Beiting and so on, a few kilometers paved paths secluded trail through the goose egg, forming a classical garden-style Hall of Fame with the basic pattern ... View Detail

Mao Zedong';s native Garden Tour

Tour Court is located in the town eight Jishui 105 State Road. 55 km away from the Jian. Built in 2001, covering about 1.34 square kilometers, from the red patriotism education base, Dragon minority villages, amusement parks, leisure resorts in four functional areas. The main bases for patriotic education exhibition from the bronze statue of Mao Zedong, Mao Taihua Memorial Hall, Mao Ancestral Hall, Mao Zedong Memorial Hall, site of monuments constitute the leading slope of the fighting; Dragon ... View Detail

Wen Tianxiang Memorial Hall

Wen Tianxiang Memorial Hall, located in Wenshan County Park Ji, built in 1984, a group of Font buildings, hung across the lush hills above the Shochiku, depending on the potential shape, extraordinary style. Into the tall beautiful arch, across the bridge in Lin';an, boarded the 47 stone steps, is the magnificent Hall of Public letters. This two-story house for the pavilion, Hongzhu sight, the pick angle cornices, central to the bottom of the statue of Wen Tianxiang. Premises for the courtyard ... View Detail

Net Home Temple

Is the original Green mountain scenery. Net Dragon living temple built in the Tang Dynasty (seventy five), formerly known as "An Yin Temple" Song Chongning four years (1105) to its present name. Rise and Fall of the Home Temple history many times from the net, in recent years to repair, the existing color of a garden full of Jiangnan in the Ming Dynasty buildings, magnificent. Simen banners, "the original Green Mountain" handwritten words for Wen Tianxiang, righteousness, the central axis line ... View Detail