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Suspension Bridge Park

Suspension Bridge Park is located in the central North Hulunbeir Zhalantun City 2, named after the park';s suspension bridge. Suspension bridge was built in 1905, looks strange. After a suspension bridge, facing the screen wall is Marshal Ye Jianying in 1962 when the tour left Zhalantun "Zalantun," a poem. Suspension Bridge Park for the state 4A level scenic spot, is expected to Lake Pavilion, triangular kiosks, Central Heart Lake, Tsukigata bridge, zigzag bridge, the zoo, flower area, Ken ... View Detail

Moore Road, Forest Park Ga

Moore Road Ga National Forest Park is located in the middle Ergun, "Xishuangbanna in the south, the north is Moore Road, Ga," Ga Moore Road, is the most northern coniferous forests, an area of 578,000 hectares, is currently China';s largest forest park. Moore Road Ga into Longyan National Forest Park Mountain Park Tsui However, the original forest, whitewater river, folk village, six scenic tours boundary rivers. Northland Forest Park features scenic resources, unique, save the last piece of ... View Detail

Bahrain Lama Mountain National Forest Park

Bahrain Lama Mountain National Forest Park is located in Binzhou City in Yakeshi railway station north of Bahrain, 187 km away from the Yakeshi City, 244 kilometers away from Hailar District, Binzhou railway and 301 national highway which passes through. Bahrain Lama Mountain National Forest Park is unique within the Stone Forest Yakeshi landscape, is a national 2A level scenic spots. Park has a total area of 2903 hectares, with unexpected size 28 tall, steep rocks, wonderful workmanship, ... View Detail