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Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot is located in scenic Yanguan tide Yanguan Town, also known as "Temple House" is a special ritual, "Zhejiang god of the sea," the palace-style architecture. Old in southern China, the Royal style building built in general is not allowed, but in salt, Yi Si Wan Tak Tide God, but made an exception decreed by the Chinese Qing Emperor Yongzheng, the state funding, government officials monitoring the construction of such a large-scale buildings. This temple dedicated to Poseidon';s Palace, ... View Detail

An Jing Zhuang Temple

Tide in the area Haining Yanguan Xibei Yu. A total of three, is divided into blocks of seats, body blocks, blocks of the top three parts, which were built in Tang Huichang two years, four years and Xiantong six years. In addition to the top of the bluestone buildings, the rest are all made of white marble. Building Block is a stone Xu Mizuo, 0.25 meters, 1.1 meters in diameter, has a square platform under the seat, the Department completed puzzle later. Body is made of two pieces of white ... View Detail