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Tropical Botanical Garden

Tropical Botanical Garden is located 3 km south county Baoting Baoting Tropical Crops Research Institute, covering 10 hectares, planted with more than 30 countries of tropical cash crops and domestic precious tropical and subtropical plants, a total of 91 families, 420 species. Tropical Botanical Garden, the park district sub-samples of tropical crops, tropical fruit tree area, tropical cash crops, South dispensing area of tropical forest area, flower viewing area, oilseeds area, kind of a ... View Detail

Maple Deer Farm

Maple maple Tunchang County Deer Farm is located in the town, located in the sea 110 kilometers Yuzhong Line Road, 27 km away from the Tunchang County. Maple deer farm in south China Yang Luchang larger comprehensive, covering 200 acres. 700 long Eld, deer, red deer, sika deer, moose, and Huang Lusheng live in this coconut shake Tsui, grasses paradise. In the maple </ FONT> deer farm, purchased a number of sweet potato slices can be funny to feed the deer, the deer can also be ... View Detail

Qixianling area

Qixianling scenic town 10 km away from the Baoting, mainly by Qixianling hills and Qixianling hot springs. Qixianling mountains - Qixianling Ridge, also known as seven refers to the seven peaks, named after the shape of the fingers, which is Hainan';s famous mountains. Seven mountain peaks like human metacarpophalangeal erect, pointing the sky. Tall before the peak altitude of 1107 meters, dependent upon six peaks and small. When the morning mist floating cover, overlooking the Qixianling, ... View Detail


Five Fingers area around the tropical forests, layer upon layer, winding endless. The main rivers in Hainan are originated from here, there are many springs and lakes, sights each other to form peculiar magnificent scenery. Fingers forests, deciduous 50 cm thick. The air was filled with resin aroma. Introduction of each peak Fingers - Fingers in the peak of the "finger", elevation1876 meters, the first of more than five mountains higher than Mount Tai more than three hundred meters. The ... View Detail

Xian'an Stone Forest

Mao Xian An Shilin sense Baoting County is located in Sanya City, the western border with security boulders cents. Discovered and named in 1992, Stone 700 meters above sea level, surrounded by cliffs, there are trees around the phase, and the relative height of around 150 meters, the natural vegetation coverage of 70%, showing a tropical mountain rain forest landscape, as our only Stone Forest in tropical karst topography, an area of approximately 0.39 square kilometers. Here hundreds of stone ... View Detail