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Hot houses of botanical gardens

Tropical Botanic Garden houses a large town in the western suburbs of Danzhou, China University of Tropical Agriculture, the Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences herbarium Park, covering 32 hectares, in 1958. Garden planted with more than 40 countries from around 1,000 kinds of trees, into the tropical spice plants, tropical medicinal plants, tropical fruit, tropical oil plants and tropical ornamental plants seven exhibition areas, is the world';s precious trees in tropical ... View Detail

Pawn Bay

Bay is located in Changjiang County, Hainan pieces of ancient northern part of Changhua City, Changhua Jiang Ruhai west port, East Forest Ridge Scenic Area Changhua, Changhua line Shilu from more than 50 kilometers, where the white sandy beaches and is also connected into one day, there are "mu desert off Hainan," the name is a light sand bath and bath ideal. S shaped pieces showing the Gulf Bay, Bay, 20 kilometers long. Gulf waters calm, crystal clear waters, white sand and valuables such as ... View Detail


Lingao county seat is located 10 km from the sea, and is prominent in the Qiongzhou Straits on a promontory, headland to the top 250-meter-long natural barrier reef wave of the sea dyke line, legend is immortal beacon for people left behind. April 17, 1950, when the People';s Liberation Army liberated Hainan wooden sailing across the Qiongzhou Strait, the first is the Lingaojiao landing. Lingaojiao has kilometers of beach on the shore, the sand white water clear, is one of the West Coast';s ... View Detail

Greenfield Reservoir

Greenfield Reservoir is located 20 kilometers southeast of Danzhou, trans Danzhou, white sand two counties, is entitled "pearl island" mountain Tianchi reputation. Greenfield Reservoir is located upstream of the Nandu River, was founded in 1958, built in 10 years time, is one of China';s largest dam project. 81.1 meters high, 760 meters long, will cut Pentium Nandu water added in the South Pacific and Fan Yang-ri. Reservoir area of 144 square kilometers, more than 300 reservoirs in the island. ... View Detail

Lunar Lake

Located 6 km southwest of Danzhou, a radius of hundreds of years, surrounded by green hills, trees Pinnacle. The lake in a low-lying valley of the Great Basin, the water calm. Lake has a large rubber plantation, the Casuarina forest, mountains constitute a watercolor painting. Cloud Lake has a resort on the resort the way to play around a lot in the grass playing cards, playing chess in the tree-lined side, girls light swinging in the trees, or around their children who are chasing new things ... View Detail