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Hailing pearl farms

Harbour Village is located south of the county Lingshui with Nanwanhoudao impermeable the sea, is a famous pearl farms. The market for cultured pearls and pearl white butterfly Markov famous pearl every year to produce significant numbers of rare pearls, has also cultivated an artificial nation';s largest cultured pearls. There is a pearl farm buildings, through a long Shidi out into the sea, afar like a sea platform. Reminder: After sightseeing in the pearl farms pearl shop in water buy the ... View Detail

Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden

And prosperous, like hot springs, located in the eastern outskirts of the scenic Manning, hometown folk customs territory of the Xinglong Overseas Chinese Farm. Founded in 1957, opening the first visit in Hainan Tropical Botanical Garden. Botanical Garden covers an area of 600 acres, more than 1,200 plant varieties. Together with coffee, pepper, vanilla, cocoa and durian and other tropical cash crops, bamboo and other famous mountains rare and special trees; preservation of Antiaris Lesch and ... View Detail


Nanwanhoudao is the only type of monkey island nature reserve. Lingshui county located 5 kilometers south of South Bay Peninsula. Monkeys on the island in 1965 to establish protected areas, covering an area of 100 hectares, the size of the mountain numerous caves, rocks rugged rocks, bushes, tree-lined, four seasons fruit fragrance. The island beautiful, mild climate, is the ideal paradise monkey lives and breeds. ; Said, the Monkey King is the absolute authority, the monkeys heard it orders ... View Detail

Shimei Bay Resort

Shimei Bay Resort is located in the east coast of Wanning City, Hainan Province. By two crescent-shaped bay, such as the composition of the sea, six kilometers-long Silver Beach, the lush vegetation surrounded by weak and gentle slopes, experts praised by the World Tourism Organization, the existing undeveloped Hainan most beautiful bay. Rich natural resources of the region, sea, mountains, white sand, rocks, islands, coconut, streams in one, beautiful mountains, scenic, filled with original ... View Detail