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Yingxiu from the Wenchuan earthquake, beyond the Green River in east Sichuan. Energy from the Wenchuan earthquake huge spread via the North River to Green River, the outbreak of the East River cluster, resulting in stone BA Xiang Dong, Heung Wo Ma before the public, red Township East Shibangou many estuaries and the overall collapse of the mountain, subsidence and landslides. Mountains and rivers throughout the region changed, the formation of the East River, Redstone River lake in 36 different patterns.

East River Park is the site of the Wenchuan earthquake after the earthquake, and built the first memorial to the earthquake site protection, including the bamboo from the river along the Qingchuan off Town East River by the town red, black stone town house groove to move along Red Rock Creek by the red lightTownship East River, Stone BA Xiang Dong Wo Ma Kimisato ago, was "Y" type of layout, focus on contiguous 50 square kilometers, with five village, one town. The park entrance, Xinhua Town, in the relevant village. Currently there are earthquake ruins Square Park, East River dam, the priest sets, Ping Wang Yang, viewing platform, the East River Bridge site, Redstone River, Love Square, stone earthquake, earthquake knowledge corridor, exhibition, and hieroglyphics and other landscape Qingchuan .

East River Park, the site is the address of the earthquake damage to the most abundant form, the largest number of earthquake lake the largest concentration of earthquake site group.


Earthquake Ruins Park East RiverDue to geological disasters, the scenic area can not operate hotels and restaurants, visitors can only park 2 kilometers away from the relationship Town dining and accommodation. Off Town is the city of Qingchuan rural tourism, farm food more flavor. Old smoked bacon, wild, running mountain chicken, wild fish, Green River black fungus is a good local dishes, along with pickled bean curd rice (rice three-color), gold wrapped silver (rice + corn meal), steamed rice (corn soup), buckwheat jelly, Zamian, gray mix groups, sweet rice paste, rice wine and other snacks Qingchuan old can enjoy.


Town is basically related country inn accommodation, charges for the 20 -120 per month.


1, bus lines

Guangyuan bus station (Procyon bus station), Ping Zheng Bridge bus station in Mianyang, Guangyuan, Chengdu Zhaojue Si has a bus station to the Green River or Qingxi the bus. Then buy a ticket to the Green River when the town to buy cold water in the cold water off the bridge, then take the East River in the van or motorcycle. Qingxi shuttle to the site of the park can be reached directly.

2 train lines

Chuk Yuen dam by train station, and then Chuk Yuen van Dam station or bus ride out of town to the cold water in the cold water off the bridge, and then rushed to the East River in the van or motorcycle.

3 car lines

Guangmian Expressway, exit at the high mountains of gold, the Chuk Yuen town, over red deer, Chilbulbong to the cold town, turn left and cross the bridge to the East Village were closed mouth. Gold exports to the East River Mountain Park, site of the earthquake more than 50 km, the entire asphalt pavement, road conditions good, but are the mountainous highway, turn more attention to control speed.

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