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Yuechi Lake

Green Lake, a beautiful "West Lake in east Sichuan", formerly known as ring water pool reservoir, built in 1983 as a tourist scenic reservoir, named Lake because of the green mountains, its beautiful four seasons, each with wonders, beauty should be changed from time to time: Spring Lake-floor board, see the clear water days, jade cross-lock Long Beach Kazuhiro lake, pink Liulv, bright such as the Fairview; summer Qinfang into the park, drinking tea syrup, Wang Jincheng cloud shrouded mountains ... View Detail

Baoding Huayingshan

Scenic live Huaying Huayingshan Baoding, territorial waters, Jiangbei, Hechuan junction, is Huayingshan peak elevation of 1590.8 meters, due to the surrounding mountains surround the mountain named after the shape of tripod. Tripod was built in the Tang Dynasty and flourished in the Qing Xianfeng years, is one of the country';s eight major Buddhist shrines, the main temple has a bright Temple, Southern School Hall, Huanglong Temple, Longquan Temple, the temple more than 30 blocks. History has ... View Detail

Ann C family cemetery

Ann C family cemetery located in Sichuan Province town Zhao Xun double Huaying Village, the Southern Song Dynasty (AD 1127 -1279) of the Southern Song capital of Sichuan degree at National Chengchi University, a small security division C and his family cemetery. Large-scale cemetery, covering about 100 acres, has been excavated tombs and ground ancillary 5 construction sites. Tomb structure reflects the unique style of the Song Dynasty of ancient buildings, especially the relief, flora and ... View Detail