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Ng be the sea

Wu Hai to be known as "Kamba first sea", the main attractions are: Three Bridges, the Longtan, Taiwan, cutting off the dragon, Buddha Feng, Wu Cangzhai to be the village, Zhenhai stone, twelve sisters Peak, Lotus Peak, Wu natural parks to be the sea, at Lu library prairie. "Wu be the sea" in Tibetan, "luminous Haizi", it is like a piece of jade embedded in the forest mountains, the lake changes with the weather or deep or dive out of the blue and green, the locals treat it as a "fairy dressing ... View Detail

Mao Ya Prairie

Mao Ya grassland located in the "World High City" of Litang county. This year, 8 months, to be held in the Jockey Club and playing Bazi grassland section, decisions based on the Kham Kham man and the beautiful women gathered here from all sides to demonstrate their grace and ability to make a lot of hair Ya Dam Prairie favorite people want to go. Mao Ya grassland is the middle of Hengduan Shaluli largest mountain grassland, surrounded by high mountains, above 1,000 meters in elevation, in the ... View Detail


Hailuogou foot peaks in Gonggar, known for low-altitude glaciers in the modern world. Mostly located at high altitude glaciers, but Hailuogou is the lowest elevation in eastern Asia, from the city recently, most easily accessible glaciers. A huge ice cave, steep ice bridge, such as into the Crystal Palace. Unique in the world';s largest ice waterfall, 1080 meters high, wide and 1,100 meters, Huangguoshu Waterfall in Guizhou large than 10 times. Even more amazing is that in this piece of ice and ... View Detail

Eight U.S.

One school of eight U.S. quiet and peaceful scenery, altitude 3500 meters in the West, the mix of earth and stone forests and wide praise in the meadow, rolling snow-capped mountains, charming Tibetan villages, constitute a wonderful painting style: the rolling mountains, undulating mountains, broad terraces, beaded style Pingba, deep valleys, high altitude glaciers ... ... Yala Snow Mountain   pure and noble of the Yarra where they stand in front of snow-capped mountains, all kinds ... View Detail

Natural bonsai Danba East Valley (Yak Valley)

East Valley, the East River Valley that is natural bonsai, also known as yak Valley, located 21 km southwest of the county Danba the territory of the East Valley Township, September 28, 1985 the CPC Central Committee General Secretary Hu Yaobang, the former passing through here and see the scenery as the Cha Danba extraordinary, praise, said here as a "natural bonsai", the reputation of natural bonsai from loud together. Natural bonsai throughout the length of 64 km, elevation from 1800-5800 m ... View Detail


Dangling edge of Ear Danba County is located in rural territory, magnificent magnificent peaks, dotted with alpine lakes (Hai), hot open-air hot springs, lush green forests, slowly flowing stream, like green carpet meadow, exotic rare plants and animals, and the simplicity of the Tibetan Nationality together constitute the area';s unique style scenery. Xuefeng & Nbsp; Dangling transverse mountain snow mountain snow mountain is the northern section, the Dangling snow slope from northwest to ... View Detail

Grid Niefeng Jing District

Connan cell Niefeng Jing area is located within the town of Litang county hot Ke, area 6204 m above sea level as the center of the grid Nie Mountain, surrounded by the mountains, forests, grasslands, lakes, hot springs, temples, Tibetan rural customs form. Area with God, singular, male, show the characteristics of grid year-round snow-capped mountain peak Nie, Zhao Ying in the sun, the golden, sunny day, two or three hundred kilometers away in the view can see the towering peak of King Zhuang. ... View Detail

Gongga Mountain

"Gongga Mountain," in Tibetan means "the highest mountain", the mountain is about 60 km north-south east-west width of 30 km, the peak elevation of 7556 meters, the highest mountain in Sichuan Province, known as the "King of Shushan" . Lined mountain peaks, ice firm snow depth, numerous obstacles, in the mountaineering and scientific research plays a very important position, is a highly popular mountain climbing enthusiasts. Scenic Spot is located in Mt Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture ... View Detail

Melbourne multi-mountain

For Melbourne';s beautiful mountainous scenery, Tibetan Buddhism, it has long been praised by the merit of the book, the most ancient Tibetan religion - taught black mountain, Tibetan Nationality Cultural Centre, the four holy mountains of Tibet, national hero symbol, elevation 5105 meters. The size of the mountains there are as many as 108 sites, particularly in Melbourne and more temples, more than Melbourne stalagmites, self tower, Shenxian Dong, arrows through rock, the peak sea of clouds, ... View Detail