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Qing ditch

Qing Scenic Zone is located in the cold Zhangwu County township, was founded in 1958, according to the South Plain, east, west and north is known as the "eight hundred in the desert," the Mongolian desert, surrounded by the typical desert canyon fracture zone, has a unique mountain, water, sand, forest area scenery. 320 m-long dam built into all of the powder sand. Both sides enjoy the scenery by boat cut the waves, surf the virgin forest, enjoy the silica sand sunbathing, horse racing across ... View Detail

The eastern outskirts of Lake Scenic Area

Located in the eastern outskirts of Lake District, Fuxin City Church, surrounded by mountains, mountains and rivers, is in Fuxin city oxygen bar and ecological garden. The main attractions are the Millennium Tree in the reservoir dam, Eagle Mountain, Yuanbaoshan, Living Buddha Cave, the first ridge cap, cliff slope, rock chains, arrows springs. Walk through the dam, looking ahead, the water clear as a mirror, mountainous peaks. Boating lake, shore fishing, in the mountains in the Tang Xian ... View Detail

Dragon Lake

Dragon Lake is located in the new autumn Zhangwu County town, is a travel and tourism, wind power generation, irrigation, flood control, aquaculture, leisure and entertainment tourist scenic spot. Founded in 1958, due to excavation of the two forms of diversion, such as asparagus Wui Road named "Dragon Lake." Naturally formed lake island, like the mouth of a dragon pearl, known as "dragon title beads, fishing Island Serenade" reputation. 1800 meters along the length of the dam walk forward, ... View Detail

Wood Sleigh wetlands that

It is a wooden Sly Mongolian, Chinese translation for "Lotus blossom Lake", located in urban and rural areas Zhangwu Courtyard, is a provincial nature reserve, with a total area of 71 square kilometers, is the crane, swans, cranes and other rare bird migration an important stop on land, but also to prevent Horqin sandy southward invasion, protect ecological environment in Shenyang green screen. Wood Sleigh wetlands that are located at the southern edge of Horqin 600 acres of sandy lily pond, ... View Detail

Three Pagodas ditch

Three Pagodas Scenic Zone is located in the town of Fumeng County board, and collectively known as Begonia Mountain National Nature Reserve, due to the scenic area there are three towers named Liao, Xiao Liao Dynasty stationed troops and the point between the Queen Mother. The total area of 10.28 square kilometers, divided into pines, rocks, three towers and four Qinglongshan area, there are 54 spots. Three Pagodas ditch located in Inner Mongolia, northern China, Changbai flora of three ... View Detail

Sand Forest Park Zhanggutai

Sand Forest Park Zhanggutai Zhangwu Zhanggutai in town, is the only state in Northeast sandy forest park, a desert spectacle unique combination of woodlands and artificial landscape. Sand Forest Park Zhanggutai built in the 20th century, 50 years, the total area of 11,341 hectares, planted on the floor in a hundred million hectares Mischa plantation called wonders of the world. Sand popular science "green dream", "The Call of the green," the TV series "The Merry desert" has been filmed here. ... View Detail

Begonia Hill

Begonia Mountain is located in the town of Fumeng County board, is located Yiwulushan, is the National Nature Reserve, Liaoning Province, one of the top ten Forest Park. Emperor Pu Temple was built years before (1683), dynasty gave plaques, and the Swiss Temple and said to be the East Center for Tibetan Buddhism. Cliff is well-preserved statues 267, the highest 5 meters, the smallest is only 30 cm, attitude grandparents, vivid images. Formed by the three peaks 999 meters reclining Buddha image ... View Detail

Ulan Kizu Hill

Ulan Kizu mountains are Mongolian, Chinese translation of "mountain mahogany", located in eight sub-county rural Fumeng elevation of 831.4 meters, is the highest peak in the territory of Fuxin. Yamagata Guiqi, rocks everywhere, a peak of a state, a position with one stone, with different features, the general peak standing tall, stone chair, talent, steep Wonderful Monastery, three days of door gods, mountain turtle about to move slowly, to look on frog life, Lishan time painting beautiful ... View Detail

Poly Root Temple

Poly Root Temple is Mongolian, Chinese translation of the Baiquan Temple, because of the "Three Springs Holy Well," named after the eruption of white mist. Bus in the town of Fumeng County, was built Jiaqing six years before (1801). Huai Wang Temple a chest of 3.3 meters, flourish, for the princes MonggolZhen the planting of the first. According to legend, Buddha Pu Temple IV, designated by the Dalai Lama, long journey to the Begonia Hill, because of overwork and disease, then to rest here, ... View Detail

Bible Temple

Temple is located in the Bible, a senior shijiazi Zhangwu Township, the provincial cultural relics protection units. Bible Temple covers an area of 20,000 square meters, for three loft-style architecture, style resembles the Potala Palace in Tibet, divided into the main hall, rear hall, gate, room, and with homes and so fast, mountain lions and a pair in front of a flagpole, Miaohou has two White Tower, for sub-location of business and take Mingzha Lan Zha Lan Temple, due to IBASE II Lama ... View Detail