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Dunhuang Folk Museum

Located in the suburbs of Dunhuang City Mingsha foot, 25 km away from the world-famous Mogao Grottoes. Covering a total area of 7920 square meters, construction area of 4,300 square meters. Museum has all kinds of ancient architectural style of buildings 126, full of local folk customs of Dunhuang, Dunhuang is one of the foreign-related tourist attractions. Museum of the overall construction of Dunhuang Dunhuang Folk Tradition has adopted anti-gang, anti-theft, anti-wind role of castle ... View Detail

Mogao Grottoes

Features the art of the Mogao Grottoes mainly in construction, statues and murals of Dunhuang combination of the three, the system reflects the Northern Wei, Sui and Tang dynasties the art style more than a dozen. Chinese grotto art from India, is based on the traditional stone-based Grotto, Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes and not because of rock carvings, so the statues in clay mural-based. General before the round plastic cave, and then gradually reduce the high plastic, film plastic, plastic wall, ... View Detail